Myth America: Our Facts are the Real Facts. Trust Us.

– January 11, 2023

“If history is not a debate about the facts, then it is not history. When you see your opponents’ views as all lies, myths, and legends, it might say more about the way you engage your opposition than the content of their arguments.” ~ Michael J. Douma


Embrace Dynamism: The Future and Its Enemies at 25

– January 10, 2023

“The Future and Its Enemies is a well-written, lucid argument for decentralized progress and the intellectual, political, and commercial liberty that makes it possible.” ~ Art Carden


Free-Market Capitalism is the Next American Economy

– December 30, 2022

“Only by learning our unique history, and grasping the principles of free-market economics free from burdensome interference, can Americans embark on the next American economy.” ~ Vance Ginn


Freedom’s Future Requires Understanding the Past

– December 29, 2022

“When confronted with issues regarding the necessary extent of the state, liberty-lovers need not rely solely on economic theory, nor hypotheticals, because the historical record often can light the proper path towards smaller, more-efficient government.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Risky Business: A Review

– December 22, 2022

“Risky Business will appeal to readers more interested in selection markets than in real-world insurance products, and to people with a high tolerance for ahistorical assumptions about the need for detailed insurance regulation and other government market interventions.” ~ Robert E. Wright


What We Owe The Future: A Review

– December 15, 2022

“We owe the future the chance to unfold as it will, free from the fetters of arbitrary authority which presumes to know what is ‘good’ for it.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


Are Free Traders Guilty of Naïve Globalism?

– December 12, 2022

“Free trade does indeed enrich the world. But it also, and chiefly, enriches the people of each country that practices it, regardless of the policies pursued elsewhere.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Do Our Roads Have to be Built by Government?

– December 10, 2022

“Roads don’t have to be built by government, and we would be better off if we had left it to private enterprise and voluntary cooperation.” ~ George Leef


How Our Higher Education System Could Put Students First

– December 8, 2022

“I fear that LeBlanc underestimates the ability of the educational status quo to fend off competition from new institutions and approaches. Bureaucratic regimes tend to change very slowly and are usually dominated by the concerns of existing entities.” ~ George Leef


The Case for Bringing Back Neckties (and Classical Liberalism)

– November 29, 2022

“Liberalism—or, to clarify, classical liberalism, which developed a few centuries ago and cherishes free markets, limited government, and flourishing social institutions—is (like the necktie) a bit out of favor.” ~ Bruce Rottman


How Media Bias Caused the Moral Panic Surrounding Climate Change

– November 28, 2022

“The political effort to limit economic growth by reducing the use of fossil fuels and changing the face of agriculture—will have a far greater long-term effect than the recent pandemic on people’s lives in the United States and worldwide.” ~ Peter J. Wallison


From a Shadow Constitution to a Network State

– November 19, 2022

“With The Network State, Balaji Srinivasan has written a startup manual. Those two different-but-overlapping domains (ought to and how to) might seem confusing at first. But together, they’re a one-two punch against legacy powers.” ~ Max Borders