The Case for Decentralizing Monetary Policy

– January 20, 2021

“Wood’s book was published in the year 2000 and cites history dating back hundreds of years, yet today those lessons are as timely as ever. Policy makers should heed the lessons of history and the principles of sound money to ensure that the future of money is guided by the democratic tendencies of the market rather than the arbitrary hand of the state.” ~ Ethan Yang


The Physics Behind Freedom

– January 15, 2021

“Bejan’s book shows that freedom is actually scientifically good for society. It truly is a groundbreaking fusion of physics and economics. In his case, he sees things through the lens of energy movement and evolution, the literal workings of the universe. Economists call prosperity the result of free people and free markets. He calls it a force of nature.” ~ Ethan Yang


A Pandemic Reading List for Left, Right, and Libertarians

– January 14, 2021

“Pandemic responses will continue to serve as a convenient rationale for government interventions in the future. Anyone who has a concern for human liberty and prosperity should armed with intellectual ammunition to combat this huge increase in government power. We need more than ideological instincts here; to fully understand, we need to be aware of the sciences of infectious disease and the discipline of public health.” ~ Jeffrey A. Tucker


More or Less Democratic

– January 11, 2021

“Jones’ discussions are interesting and many of his proposals should definitely be introduced, but they don’t go far enough. Instead, we could do with much less democracy and much more individual liberty.” ~ Joakim Book


Many Pathways to Policy Failure

– January 11, 2021

“Something has gone seriously wrong in the 21st century to the point that it seems like whole societies have forgotten everything we’ve learned about economics in the 20th century. It’s remarkable: we became wealthier than any society in world history and yet too many have no idea why. And for that reason, in 2020, many countries decided to scrap economics altogether.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Feelings Over Facts Is Dangerous to Human Liberty

– December 31, 2020

“If we redefine “harm” to mean whatever we want it to mean, we can rule over others. If your speech causes me discomfort, that’s harm. If your clothes offend me, that’s harm. If your moral or political opinions are different from mine, you’re harming both me and everyone else that I am angelically trying to help. If you’re objecting to my spending of the public money, you’re harming the people I say I intended to help.” ~ Joakim Book


A Republic if You Can Keep It

– December 25, 2020

“Justice Gorsuch’s book reminds us that our government exists primarily to protect our freedom and that this framework is something we ought to work to preserve. Preserve not just for ourselves but for future generations of Americans so that they too may experience what it is like to live free.” ~ Ethan Yang


Lady Liberty and the Golden Door

– December 23, 2020

“Nowrasteh and Powell have set the new terms of the debate on immigrants and institutions. Wretched Refuse? is the first book people should consult when asking about immigration policy. Maybe, then, immigration will become a development idea people are willing to try.” ~ Art Carden


Book Review: Jeffrey Tucker’s Thoroughly Excellent ‘Liberty or Lockdown’

– December 18, 2020

“The author who always knew is most right and most compelling when he calls for the countering of ‘the brutalism of the lockdowns.’ That’s the only answer. No more lockdowns. Never again. Any other argument fails.” ~ John Tamny


Book Review: Whole Foods Founder John Mackey Shows That Leaders Lead Others By Serving Them First

– December 12, 2020

“John Mackey leads by finding ways to lift those in his employ who will run through walls for someone who will put them in a position to thrive. Conscious Leadership is an essential book for helping readers understand that leadership isn’t decreed as much as it’s a consequence of the would-be leader serving those around him.” ~ John Tamny


The Bureaucratic Deal Got Us Into This Mess. The Bourgeois Deal Will Get Us Out

– December 11, 2020

“When our children and grandchildren look back on 2020, I hope they see how much of it probably could have been avoided had we embraced the Bourgeois Deal rather than the Bureaucratic Deal in the face of Covid-19. A lot more people probably would have lived to tell about it. Or better yet, had vaccines been distributed earlier, they might not have a pandemic to look back on.” ~ Art Carden


No, Keynes Did Not “Sit Out” the Debate on Eugenics

– December 4, 2020

“By politely sidestepping these issues in Keynes and other historical figures, we do a disservice to the past. Carter has unfortunately reduced Keynes’s eugenics to a subject that is best not spoken about, and on the rare occasion it is raised as Cowen’s interview did, something to be actively downplayed and dismissed.” ~ Phillip W. Magness