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Emergent Order in Inner Space

– February 20, 2024

“In other words, the hand is invisible not because it is deftly hiding in the shadows, but because it isn’t there at all.” ~Paul Schwennesen


In Memoriam: Maureen H. Foulke 1929 – 2023

– November 8, 2023

“Maureen was a dear friend to the community of AIER supporters. We will greatly miss her enthusiasm, energy, and charm.” ~John L. Barry


Samuel Gregg Joins AIER to Lead Initiative Defending Freedom, Combatting Collectivism

– May 26, 2022

“As part of his new role as Distinguished Fellow in Political Economy and a Senior Research Faculty member, Dr. Gregg will be expanding AIER’s research initiatives in both scholarly and popular venues.” ~ AIER


AIER Welcomes Will Ruger

– December 14, 2021

“’I would like to welcome William to AIER and look forward to his stewardship of the institute in the years to come,’ said Gregory van Kipnis, Chairman of the Board of Trustees at AIER.” ~ AIER


The Best and Most-Read AIER Articles of 2020

– December 31, 2020

“This year, the American Institute for Economic Research published 1,380 articles with 10.5 million readers from all countries in the world. Each article has a reason for being here: it helps illuminate the world around us in light of the primary concern for functioning markets and the free society. To choose the best among them is impossible. In making these selections, I found myself overwhelmed with the intelligence, creativity, and robustness of all this content. It’s a thrilling thing to edit this site and work with such earnest and brilliant writers, every one of whom deserves celebration.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker

AIER Stone House at Sunset

In Memoriam: Lawrence S. Pratt (1942-2020)

– June 29, 2020

It is with great sorrow that we report the passing of Larry Pratt on June 27. Larry served in several roles at the American Institute for Economic Research and American Investment Services. He made a profound contribution to both organizations, through illuminating our readers and helping our clients prosper.

AIER - Americab Institute for Economic Research

Special Note from Edward Stringham

– March 12, 2020

The good news is that this problem will pass in time, but a sound strategy right now, in addition to individual caution, is to free the markets to make the world economy less vulnerable to shocks such as this one.

Opportunities at AIER

Top Performers of 2019

– December 18, 2019

I’m very pleased to present to you the top performers of this year. These are the readers’ choices. I will post my favorites in a few days. Truly, it’s been a remarkable year. I’m confident in saying that this website offers the most consistently great …


AIER and Freedom Need Your Support

– November 26, 2018

AIER can set a new and higher standard for quality, reach, and sheer intellectual firepower. We have the skill. We have the team. We have the passion. And we have a moral obligation.

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What Is AIER and What Is It Doing? (Videos)

– October 10, 2018

Two new videos tell a short story of our history and reveal some of what we are doing today. 


Cotswold Cottage at AIER

– June 10, 2018

In the Cotswold Hills north of Bath, England, large manor houses were made from the local oolitic limestone. Cotswold Cottage at AIER in Great Barrington, Massachusetts, built from 1929 to 1931, was intended to be a copy of that Cotswold style, which is why our revered stone house has sometimes been called “Old Cotswold.”