Robert E. Wright is the (co)author or (co)editor of over two dozen major books, book series, and edited collections, including AIER’s The Best of Thomas Paine (2021) and Financial Exclusion (2019). He has also (co)authored numerous articles for important journals, including the American Economic ReviewBusiness History ReviewIndependent ReviewJournal of Private EnterpriseReview of Finance, and Southern Economic Review. Robert has taught business, economics, and policy courses at Augustana University, NYU’s Stern School of Business, Temple University, the University of Virginia, and elsewhere since taking his Ph.D. in History from SUNY Buffalo in 1997. Robert E. Wright was formerly a Senior Research Faculty at the American Institute for Economic Research.

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Research Publications by Robert E. Wright

Title: History of Corporate Governance: The Importance of Stakeholder Activism

Authors: RE Wright

Publication: (No Title), 2004

Title: Mutually beneficial: The Guardian and life insurance in America

Authors: RE Wright, GD Smith

Publication: NYU Press, 2004

Title: Networks and History’s Generalizations: Comparing the Financial Systems of Germany, Japan, Great Britain, and the United States of America.

Authors: R Sylla, RE Wright

Publication: Business and Economic History On-Line 2, 1-25, 2004

Title: Born Capitalist: Free Markets and Hominid Evolution

Authors: RE Wright

Publication: IDEAS ON LIBERTY 53, 44-48, 2003

Title: Early US Financial Development in Comparative Perspective: New Data, Old Comparisons

Authors: RE Wright

Publication: unpublished paper, 1780-1850, 2003

Title: Environment+ Genes= Obesity? It Just Ain’t So!

Authors: RE Wright

Publication: IDEAS ON LIBERTY 53, 4-5, 2003