You Can’t Even Get Past Its Title Before Discovering Good Reasons To Fear AB 257

– August 14, 2022

“It would harm many lower income and minority consumers and workers, as well as franchisees, in the name of helping those groups. It would also reduce workers’ freedom.” ~ Gary M. Galles


The DIE Revolution Will Transform Tenure

– August 12, 2022

“If universities start removing outspoken faculty members who are adherent to the traditional academic ethic, there will simply be no recourse within the new system.” ~ Alexander Riley


Reich Strikes Out

– August 10, 2022

“According to Reich, higher prices are due to the pandemic, which suppressed demand and created global supply chain problems, together with Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, China’s overzealous lockdown policies, and of course, capitalist greed.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


The Progressive Left and the Push to Reset the Federal Reserve’s Legal Mandates

– August 8, 2022

“It is puzzling why former Federal Reserve officials have not vocally denounced these developments for what they are: a direct attack on capitalism, free market driven investment, and Federal Reserve independence.” ~ Paul H. Kupiec


Markets vs. Marxism and “Stakeholder Capitalism” | Samuel Gregg & Kate Wand (Video)

– August 7, 2022

“Dr. Samuel Gregg and Kate Wand explore how government interventions such as protectionism and tariffs do not provide incentives to be creative and lead to higher prices, cronyism, and inefficiency.” ~ AIER


Planning Fails Because Rules Rule

– July 23, 2022

“What, then, are organizational leaders to do? Think like classical liberals and align incentives carefully! Give workers autonomy by allowing them to make decisions where they have superior information.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Parity Without Socialism: Economic Freedom and Opportunity for Women

– July 14, 2022

“There is a simple policy solution for expanding opportunity for women and giving voice to them: increased economic freedom. Markets solve, as we discovered in undergraduate microeconomics… and without the unintended consequences of illiberal intervention.” ~ Megan V. Teague & Nikolai G. Wenzel


The Centenary of Ludwig Von Mises’s Critique of Socialism

– June 14, 2022

“Mises was aware of how difficult the task is to defeat collectivism and socialism. In the preface that he wrote for the 1932 second edition of Socialism, Mises said that generations may have to pass for classical liberalism’s victory, and it was for future generations that he had written this book.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling


Beware the Allure of Simple ‘Solutions’

– June 6, 2022

“Social engineering appears doable only to those persons who, seeing only a relatively few surface phenomena, are blind to the astonishing complexity that is ever-churning beneath the surface to create those surface phenomena.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Do They Not Know?

– March 25, 2022

“Do today’s skeptics of free markets – whether these skeptics be full-on socialists or advocates of ‘mere’ industrial policy – have any accurate knowledge of economic history, of economics, or of human nature?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Did Tipping Come from Slavery? The 1619 Project Lies Again

– March 24, 2022

“At best, the critics of tipping are guilty of inexcusable sloppiness. At worst, they’re selectively weaponizing the horrors of slavery to advance an ideological cause.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Thomas Piketty Strikes Again

– January 27, 2022

“The obvious problem is that Piketty has his own sacrosanct vision, one where a powerful central government orders people about so that they don’t interfere with the grand scheme of equality.” ~ George Leef