Topic: History

Untold Story: One Man’s Battle Against Nazi Ideology

– December 6, 2023

On this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand and Samuel Gregg discuss the life and ideas of Wilhelm Röpke, an economics professor who was exiled from Germany in the 1930s for defending liberty and opposing the National Socialists.


Where Have You Gone, Alex P. Keaton?

– November 30, 2023

“Respect for individual freedom, in particular the freedom of thought, is much lower than at any time in my life. It is easy to imagine a latter-day Alex showing up at Leland’s freshman orientation only to be canceled and chased from campus by an angry mob.” ~Paul McDonnold


Thankful for the Lessons of Failures

– November 23, 2023

“Plymouth was a centrally planned community. Everything was controlled, regulated, and rationed by one central government authority. And like all central planning efforts, the results were scarcity, hunger, and desperation.” ~Thomas Krannawitter


A Short Guide to ESG: History

– November 19, 2023

“Browsing the websites of ESG-advocating organizations gives the sense that ESG is cutting edge, technologically sophisticated, a wise investment strategy, and the road to increasing profitability.” ~Paul Mueller


Economic Growth Remains One Way Out of Historical Tensions

– November 16, 2023

“When the future looks bright and living standards are rapidly improving, old grudges and tensions lose their relevance. We end up forgetting them because the things ahead look so much more enticing.” ~Vincent Geloso


Zora and Eleanor: Toward a Fuller Understanding of the First Lady’s Civil Rights Legacy

– November 15, 2023

“Though often a critic, Hurston would have never disputed Eleanor Roosevelt’s remarkable effectiveness as a champion for civil rights, including numerous and undeniable examples of when her tenacity brought to light and remedied injustices.” ~David Beito


Political Corruption: There is Nothing New Under the Sun

– November 4, 2023

“Tweed was all three branches of government rolled into one person, and nothing escaped his influence. Judges and courts were in his employ, legislators owed him their livelihood, and mayors and governors depended on his block votes for election.” ~Will Sellers


Liberty Curious The New Deal’s War on the Bill of Rights

– November 2, 2023

“The New Deal Welfare state is among the tools that are used, at other times, to control people and to limit their speech.” ~David T. Beito


Academics Make Lousy Leaders

– October 31, 2023

“Academics, despite having an immense amount of knowledge on particular issues, are unable to convert that knowledge into effective politicking.” ~Joseph Bouchard


How Boss E.H. Crump Used the Memphis Police to Suppress a Black Republican Challenge to FDR

– October 29, 2023

“When Martin briefly returned in 1943 to throw out the first ball at an All-Star Game of the Negro American League, three detectives entered his box, arrested him, and whisked him off to a holding cell. He was then ordered to leave town.” ~David T. Beito


Mound Bayou: Guns, Civil Rights, Free Speech and The Emmett Till Murder

– October 24, 2023

“During the trial of Till’s murderers, Dr. T.R.M. Howard’s Mound Bayou home became a ‘black command center’ for witnesses and journalists.” ~David T. Beito


Liberalism: What Does It Even MEAN? Political Scientist Explains

– October 20, 2023

“Progressives and conservatives are both convinced that their morality and vision for society is correct, and have no qualms about using the power of the state to impose it upon the rest of us.” ~Michael Munger