Teaching the Value of Business

– October 22, 2022

“The extent of wokeness in business—from employees to executives and across many sectors of our economy—indicates a systemic problem. A systemic problem suggests a deficiency in business education.” ~ Daniel Sutter


Concocting Crises

– October 19, 2022

“The most dire crisis of all may very well be the ability of those seeking to usurp power to create the appearance of crisis from mere bat viruses, lucky strikes, and statistical shadows.” ~ Robert E. Wright


U.S. Receives Lowest Economic Freedom Ranking Since 1975

– October 14, 2022

“We need a return to the classical liberalism that has advanced people’s livelihoods through capitalism and limited government. Those principles helped set the stage for billions of people to be brought out of extreme poverty, so let’s get back to them.” ~ Vance Ginn


When the Family Is Abolished, People Starve

– October 11, 2022

“Like the Chinese communists, Lewis sees no need for every family to cook, wash clothes, and raise children. For the Chinese, instead of paradise, the outcome was the worst man-made famine in history.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Higher Education Used to Love Controversy

– October 7, 2022

“It is tempting for state governments to mandate greater viewpoint diversity and the support of free expression in colleges, but, unless done sparingly and carefully, the cure may be worse than the disease.” ~ Richard K. Vedder


A Central Bank Reckoning

– October 5, 2022

“Even the best set of rules and the tightest, most targeted, narrowly circumscribed mandate won’t be enough unless central bankers are willing to emulate something akin to judicial restraint.” ~ Samuel Gregg


The Private Disaster Response Alternative

– October 3, 2022

“Anything the government can’t do, which is most things, the private sector can do, perhaps not perfectly, but well enough. That includes disaster relief.” ~ Robert E. Wright



– October 1, 2022

“Most public universities have become ancillary components of the federal government. This explains, in part, the complete takeover and increasing bureaucratization of the modern research university, public or private.” ~ Daniel Asia


Energy Crisis Explained: EU Mandates to “Flatten the Curve” (Video)

– September 29, 2022

“Europe and other Western nations are facing a very real energy crisis right now. In this video, Kate Wand explains the energy crisis in Europe and the collectivist nature of the West’s war on climate change.” ~ AIER


British Universities Show Why “More” Does Not Mean “Better”

– September 29, 2022

“With state subsidies and state-backed loans, students are not paying the true cost of their educations. The system lacks the discerning customers (students) needed to ensure that the suppliers (universities) deliver a quality product.” ~ Douglas Carswell


Is The Fed Trying To Inflate Away US Debt?

– September 28, 2022

“The ease with which the concept is expressed, as if debt were an ice cube left on a driveway on a summer day, betrays the numerous costs associated with such a scheme. And that holds whether the undertaking is intentional or not.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Biden’s Impoverishing Americans To Cut Emissions Won’t Even Touch Climate Change

– September 25, 2022

“Americans have been cutting more emissions than any other nation. We just didn’t do it the ‘right’ way, through government mandates. For our reward, we’ve been sold into worse inflation, worse energy poverty, and a worsening environment for rolling blackouts.” ~ Jon Sanders