Topic: Crisis

Punishing the Punishers

– June 15, 2023

“If, though, the FBI, NEA, NPR, or the ‘Ministry of Truth’ receives an allocation of, say, only $10, the punishment for incompetence or venality has been fairly meted out, has it not? What could be more democratic than direct dollar democracy?” ~ Robert E. Wright


Government Surveillance Injures the Innocent

– June 8, 2023

“The asymmetry of the surveillance state belies its true purpose: to protect the government, not the people.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The Constitution Is Dead. We’re Giving Away $20,000 to Create a New One.

– June 2, 2023

“Too many intellectuals and activists play fast and loose with terms like ‘social contract,’ which is why a Constitution of Consent is one people will literally sign.” ~ Max Borders


Media Independence Does Not Really Mean Media Independence

– June 1, 2023

“No politician needs to bribe a journalist. All that is needed is a politician’s power to sculpt the shape of the news market in ways that are to his advantage.” ~ Vincent Geloso


All Housing is Still Affordable Housing: “Seen and Unseen” Edition

– May 21, 2023

“The unseen cause of gentrification is the knee-jerk NIMBYism of affluent leftist neighborhood associations. And that causes the elimination of almost all affordable housing in the city, quickly.” ~ Michael Munger


Emotions and Climate Change

– May 16, 2023

“Conversations on campus are increasingly radical and will inevitably bleed into the mainstream dialogue. Be ready.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


So Why Aren’t We Paying Down the National Debt?

– May 11, 2023

“The world will remain a dangerous place, but the further the nation is from its credit limit, the more effectively the government will be able to respond when, not if, something goes seriously awry.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Krugman’s Magic Act

– May 10, 2023

“We’ve reached a point where the political class’s primary concern is no longer doing what’s best for the economy, but getting around the letter of the law while fooling the public as to what they’re really doing.” ~ Antony Davies


Hamilton’s Haircuts

– May 4, 2023

“Whatever you think of the wisdom of Hamilton’s moves, our point is simple and stark: The US government has defaulted in the past.” ~ David R. Henderson and Jeffrey R. Hummel


A Tragedy in Waiting

– April 28, 2023

“Taking away someone’s means of self-defense, making her vulnerable to criminal attacks, is a violation of that person’s rights. Waiting periods for gun purchases do precisely that.” ~ Jason Sorens


The Fed Is Bankrupt

– April 14, 2023

“The most recent data show that the Fed owes the Treasury over $41 billion, which exceeds its total capital. The Fed, by common standards, is indeed insolvent.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan