Topic: Crisis

Why Not Do Something Before Social Security Runs Out of Money?  

– December 8, 2023

“Any move toward improved fiscal responsibility and sustainability will be attacked as unfair. But every option is now unfair.” ~Gary M. Galles


How Can We Stop Serving Students So Poorly?

– November 20, 2023

“Efforts to improve things with charter schools have shown some great results, and vouchers are attractive as a means to make educators more responsible to parents than to administrators. But we are still in the early stages of a very long struggle.” ~Gary M. Galles


Psychedelics Will Help America’s Mental Health Crisis — If the FDA Lets Them

– November 9, 2023

“The FDA granted ecstasy breakthrough therapy status in 2017, expediting its process to becoming an approved treatment. Generating an approval process for other drugs like these is the next logical and necessary step.” ~Raymond Marc


Leviathan Rising

– October 26, 2023

“Much of the growth of the SEC can be seen as a variation of the ‘Baptists and bootleggers’ story, where the SEC is the bootlegger earning bigger budgets by combining with people who believe that its nostrums protect investors, even when they do not.” ~Robert E. Wright


Weighing Whether the Standard Scale Makes Sense

– September 27, 2023

“Largely thoughtless adoption of a grading scale inherited from primary school can increase the emphasis on rote instead of reason at the university level.” ~Gary M. Galles


Child Speech Issues Are at Historic Highs in the United Kingdom, a New Report Found—and We All Know Why

– September 12, 2023

“Widespread speech development issues are just one of the countless unintended consequences of turning individual decisions over to government bureaucrats.” ~ Jon Miltimore


The Three-Headed Monster Giving Us Lousy Public Policy

– August 24, 2023

“The prosperity we enjoy is constantly under attack by a political monster that never stops putting obstacles along the road to riches.” ~ Art Carden


Matt Taibbi’s Courageous Fight Against Censorship

– August 19, 2023

“Matt Taibbi has demonstrated his outstanding proficiency and excellence as a journalist by consistently exposing the covert development of a wide-spread network of state-sponsored censorship.” ~ Steve Dewey


Maui Needs Speculators

– August 18, 2023

“Some affected individuals would undoubtedly prefer to take a payout and move on rather than incur the expense of renting/purchasing a temporary domicile until the reconstruction is complete.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Fitch Drops US Creditworthiness: Spending is the Reason

– August 17, 2023

“The government should focus on fiscal responsibility and better budget management to avoid a deepening spending crisis, exacerbating Americans’ existing economic burden.” ~ Vance Ginn


What Kind Of Judicial Restraint Are We Talking About?

– August 16, 2023

“Those who have effectively remade the Constitution, while bypassing the process established to do so legitimately, are determined to defend those precedents.” ~ Gary Galles


‘Caught-Red-Handed’: Scientists Call for Full Retraction of Nature’s Proximal Origin Paper, as Fraud Accusations Mount

– July 31, 2023

“‘Our analyses clearly show that SARS-CoV-2 is not a laboratory construct or a purposefully manipulated virus,’ the authors wrote in February. Yet a trove of recently published documents reveal that Andersen and his co-authors believed that the lab leak scenario was not just possible, but likely.” ~ Jon Miltimore