Silicon Valley Bank: Mismanagement Is Not an Excuse for Inefficient Regulation

– April 3, 2023

“The mismanagement was endogenous to the regulatory regime. Rather than promoting financial stability, regulators have undermined it. Doubling down on a failed strategy will not make things better.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky


Don’t Expand Deposit Insurance. Abolish It!

– April 1, 2023

“Deposit insurance creates perverse incentives that weaken market discipline and encourage excessive risk-taking. Expanding deposit insurance will only make these problems worse.” ~ Bryan P. Cutsinger


Fed Raises Rate, But Signals Potential Pause in May

– March 23, 2023

“In 2021 they were looking for help from recovering supply chains. Now, they are looking for help from tight financial markets. It’s time FOMC members help themselves — or, God help us all.” ~ William J. Luther


People Should be “Seething Mad” Over COVID – And Much More

– March 21, 2023

“The government’s authoritarian COVID policies are just the most visible proof that it’s a terrible idea to turn anything of importance over to government control.” ~ George Leef


Silicon Valley Bank: Bespoke, Woke, and Restoked?

– March 13, 2023

“In a chorus which has become familiar, the S&P 500 futures just leapt upward, as the dollar fell with equal fervor. Relief for equities, a snub to the greenback. At 7:45pm EDT on an otherwise quiet Sunday night in March, this is what that kicking the can down the road looks like.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Has the Discount Window Mystery been Solved?

– March 10, 2023

“We won’t know for another twelve or fourteen months whether Silicon Valley Bank (or any of the other banks being thrown overboard today) were the ones borrowing at the Fed’s discount window. But it is increasingly likely that whatever firm(s) it was, exigency was the driver.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Hospitalized With, or Hospitalized For?

– March 1, 2023

“It has been three years. Isn’t it about time we got more accurate data on COVID-19 hospitalizations and deaths?” ~ Jon Sanders


Apres Biden, Le Deluge: When the Republican Party Gives Up Entitlement Reform

– February 24, 2023

“Even the Biden Treasury Department labels the present financial path as ‘unsustainable.’ Refusing to look at so-called entitlements, most importantly Medicare and Social Security, ensures growing outlays, deficits, and debt.” ~ Doug Bandow


Will Federal Spending Be Brought Under Control?

– February 10, 2023

“Will Congress actually cut spending? History suggests not. Economic historian Robert Higgs invented the term ‘ratchet effect’ to describe the way that government growth after a crisis tends to be locked in: the size of government never retreats to what it was before the crisis.” ~ Jason Sorens


Lust for Power is More Dangerous Than Climate Claims

– February 9, 2023

“In the face of growing regulatory risks to our preferred ways of life, the least we can do is see the perpetual crisis narratives for what they are: a tool to legitimize dangerous increases in the size and scope of government.” ~ David Waugh