Topic: Philosophy

Nothing Was “Normal” on the Other Side of the Wall

– September 19, 2023

“Nothing was ‘normal’ about the totalitarian life in socialist GDR, if by ‘normal’ we mean pursuit of human happiness and fulfilment.” ~Robertas Bakula and Luis Carlos Araujo Quintero


AI, Critical Thinking, and the Future of Freedom

– September 18, 2023

“Civilization advances by extending the number of important operations which we can perform without thinking about them.” ~Emile Phaneuf III


Utopia and Parallels of History

– September 11, 2023

“History is full of instructive examples that reveal the conditions that allow for both human flourishing and those that end catastrophically.” ~ Emile Phaneuf III


Peter Turchin’s ‘End Times,’ A Review

– September 10, 2023

“Turchin’s model does appear to shed some light on the ‘elite-vs-deplorable’ dynamic playing out in our national drama.” ~ Thaddeus Meadows and Mike Ryall


Confusing Liberty with Power 

– September 9, 2023

“The oldest and fullest sense of liberty means freedom from coercion – that is, freedom to act according to your own plans and goals rather than according to someone else’s.” ~ Paul Mueller


The One-Percent Principle

– September 4, 2023

“Is humanity worse off because we listen to Song A instead of Song B, read this great book instead of that one? Have we tragically lost some grand human experience? Probably not.” ~ Joakim Book


The Ludwig von Mises: Catallactic Converter

– August 9, 2023

” An emergent system of division of labor based on impersonal commercial exchange, then, can substitute for benevolence.” ~ Michael Munger


Two Sheep, a Wolf, and Auberon Herbert

– August 5, 2023

“In other words, Herbert wanted the independence of mankind from all overreaching government, not the mere replacement of one pack of wolves for another, even a smaller or less voracious pack.” ~ Robert E. Wright


If We Live by Lies, We Will Demand Deceitful Politicians 

– July 19, 2023

“When we choose to live in an inner world governed by our self-deception, we get a government ruling by deceit and vigorously stifling alternative views. ” ~ Barry Brownstein


I Owe my Economics to Robert Heinlein

– July 16, 2023

“I heard about this social science called economics, where apparently, they study people’s decisions using graphs and charts. I jumped at the chance to learn more. I really wanted to be Potiphar Breen when I grew up.” ~ Thaddeus Meadows


Why President Kennedy’s 1963 “Peace Speech” Matters Today 

– July 10, 2023

“Kennedy focused on humanity’s common interests — ‘we all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children’s future. And we are all mortal.’ Most importantly, we all have minds that can value peace over threats and domination.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Adam Smith Can Save Your Golf Game

– July 7, 2023

“Golf is a great way to learn to do things for yourself. Even when you’re playing with other people, you’re playing only against yourself, keeping your own score and holding yourself accountable to a set of rules that it is your own responsibility to internalize.” ~ Michael Munger