Topic: Immigration

Whither the American Dream? 

– May 28, 2024

“While the American dream was in its ascendancy, the Democratic left splintered, creating two factions which helped kill the American dream.” ~Ryan Bourne


Japanese Immigrant Exclusion: 100 Years Later

– May 15, 2024

“Scientists and academics nationwide embraced these outward intentions to divide the ‘desirable’ immigrants from those more susceptible to crime, disease, and incompetence.” ~Will Sellers


Bipartisan But Brutal: Lessons from the Chinese Exclusion Act

– May 9, 2024

“This bipartisan consensus was not a middle ground, but rather a race to the bottom driven by the worst impulses of politicians and voters.” ~Vincent Geloso


Rules over Discretion Provide a Path Forward

– February 9, 2024

“Averting an impending fiscal crisis requires substantial debate about these issues rather than the current partisan-fueled fire drill over continuing resolution funding.” ~Vance Ginn


Immigration, Inflation, and Wages: Better Under Trump or Biden?

– January 19, 2024

“Ten months from now, there’s a high likelihood Biden and Trump could go head-to-head again for the presidency, especially after the results from the Iowa caucus. But voters should be informed about the effects of their policies on key issues like immigration, inflation, and wages.” ~Vance Ginn


On Comparative Advantage and International Capital Mobility

– January 16, 2024

“If each country specializes in its comparative advantage and trades with the other, the people of both countries gain.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Is America Today Less Able Than In the Past to Economically “Absorb” Immigrants?

– September 29, 2023

“The contempt with which some native-born Americans today hold the people whom they fear would immigrate to the US under a more liberal regime differs not one iota from the contempt with which these same Americans’ immigrant ancestors were held by earlier generations.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Immigration Can Ease America’s Labor Shortage

– April 13, 2023

“We can — and should — offer ways to draw these domestic workers back into the American economy without casting aside the vast reservoir of immigrant workers awaiting their chance at a new life.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


Where Do The Savings Go?

– December 28, 2022

“As Henry Hazlitt reminds us, the art of economics consists not merely in looking at the effects on the most visible groups, but in tracing the effects on everyone.” ~ Art Carden


High Wages in Markets Are a Result Of – and a Reflection Of – High Worker Productivity

– April 6, 2022

“High wages are a result of – and a reflection of – high productivity. And so contrary to widespread fears of many protectionists, high-productivity workers have nothing to fear from competition with low-productivity workers.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Immigration and the Open Society

– September 28, 2021

“Few of us would endorse the idea of marriages mandatorily arranged by parents for their kids. Why would we be happier with state paternalism deciding how society should be formed?” ~ Alberto Mingardi


New Jersey: Yet Another Reminder of How Good Americans Have It

– September 8, 2021

“At the very least it’s a reminder that a bad day in the United States is an amazing day most anywhere else. People are in love with what we dismiss. When we lament what’s spectacular we’re just acting spoiled.” ~ John Tamny