Immigration and the Open Society

– September 28, 2021

“Few of us would endorse the idea of marriages mandatorily arranged by parents for their kids. Why would we be happier with state paternalism deciding how society should be formed?” ~ Alberto Mingardi


New Jersey: Yet Another Reminder of How Good Americans Have It

– September 8, 2021

“At the very least it’s a reminder that a bad day in the United States is an amazing day most anywhere else. People are in love with what we dismiss. When we lament what’s spectacular we’re just acting spoiled.” ~ John Tamny


The Impracticality of Immigration Restrictions During a Pandemic

– August 20, 2021

“If we really want to increase legal immigration — as most would agree — we must ease the immigration process by signaling to potential arrivals not only that they can get in line, but that one exists in the first place.” ~ Michael N. Peterson


Give Hong Kong Residents a Path to Citizenship

– August 12, 2021

“In the face of authoritarian dictatorships such as the CCP and in the context of our complicated great power rivalry with China, taking in Hong Kong refugees is one of the few moves we can make to advance our interests peacefully.” ~ Ethan Yang


Covid’s Vindication of Free Movement

– April 8, 2021

“This pandemic is not ending because borders were sufficiently impenetrable. But it must be said that its effects have been mitigated because many of the most essential forms of capital continued to flow. If the free movement of people, goods, and ideas could pull the world out of one of its darkest chapters, there’s no telling what the same openness could yield during brighter days. And, hopefully, will.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Can the U.S. Economy Grow Without Immigration?

– March 9, 2021

“While immigration isn’t necessary for U.S. growth so long as the American people are free to exchange with the rest of the world, the rest of the world’s inhabitants would likely be more productive if they worked in the U.S. In short, prosperity made great by work divided globally would be quite a bit greater if more of the work was divided up by those people in the United States. That’s really something to think about.” ~ John Tamny


Voting with Your Feet

– February 9, 2021

“The essence of foot voting, like private-sector decisions, is that you decide. In my mind, this selection point is the strongest indication that foot-voting outperforms ballot-voting: with enough ranges of options available for potential movers, they can choose a package that best suits them.” ~ Joakim Book


Lady Liberty and the Golden Door

– December 23, 2020

“Nowrasteh and Powell have set the new terms of the debate on immigrants and institutions. Wretched Refuse? is the first book people should consult when asking about immigration policy. Maybe, then, immigration will become a development idea people are willing to try.” ~ Art Carden


Sanctuary Cities, Illegal Immigration, and Crime

– March 29, 2020

Sanctuary cities, and by extension immigration, are once again a locus of national controversy. There may be good arguments against sanctuary cities. But we haven’t heard any yet.


The Best Way to Help Haitians? Help Them Get Out of Haiti

– January 15, 2020

I hope that our children someday look back on restrictions on immigration with the same revulsion and disgust with which we look at slavery.


The Immigrant Next Door

– November 23, 2019

Like the other two immigrants on the roundtable, William helped to raise a brood of youngin’s that have made good. One of his children is an electrical engineer and the other is in medical school.


How to Prevent Democide

– November 11, 2019

Some of the 262 million individuals that suffered from democide could have escaped their fates. More importantly, rulers faced with the possibility of exit would have been more reluctant to engage in democides in the first place.