Getting Real About Taxes

– November 26, 2021

“It is high time that the federal government recognizes the creepy tax effects of inflation and gets real about taxes. It should forget about taxing unrealized capital gains, compensate victims of its inflationary policies, and begin to inflation-index everything.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Democrats’ Minimum Tax Proposal Won’t Force Amazon to Pay More In Taxes

– November 12, 2021

“A domestic minimum tax is not good for America. Legislators should find it a plot in the ever-growing graveyard of bad Democratic tax proposals.” ~ Travis Nix


Adam Smith, Capitation, and the Nonsense That Is the Proposed Wealth Tax

– November 11, 2021

“While the economic implications of this proposal are sufficiently flimsy to discount its claimed purpose of revenue generation, the proposed wealth tax faces a greater obstacle to its adoption: it is blatantly unconstitutional.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Biden’s Plan to “Tax The Rich” Will Cost the Middle Class

– November 10, 2021

“With huge budget deficits, all it would take would be some future crisis for this tax to look like a good option to policy makers. And once the rich are subject to the tax, you will be next.” ~ Randall G. Holcombe


The Great Tax Gap Flap

– November 10, 2021

“Americans do not want to return to the days when they deliberately overpaid their taxes in order to avoid a nasty audit. And certainly any hint that the IRS was auditing middle class Americans for partisan reasons would be revolutionary in more ways than one.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Asia, Not the US Is the Main Source of Global Warming

– November 5, 2021

“Spending endless billions on lucrative subsidies for electric cars, solar and wind farms, and other boondoggles could not possibly make much difference to future worldwide greenhouse gas emissions that will continue to depend almost entirely on what Asia is doing, not the U.S.” ~ Alan Reynolds


A New Era of Stagflation?

– November 4, 2021

“The creditors of the United States will not accept negative returns on an ever-expanding mountain of US debt indefinitely. At some point, perhaps not long from now, the US will face sharply higher interest rates and the type of budgetary constraints that were typical of profligate Third World borrowers.” ~ David P. Goldman


A U.S. Wealth Tax Would Force Wealth Out of the U.S.

– November 1, 2021

“Since no other developed country taxes wealth in the aggressive way that the Democrats are proposing, passage of their proposed tax would result in a massive flight of human and financial capital out of the United States.” ~ John Tamny


FNB’s Shameful Public Purse Raid

– October 28, 2021

“That big bankers and their government toadies continue to play the public for suckers is abhorrent. That’s especially true as, on one hand, they tout all the ‘public benefits’ of their projects as their other hand turns out taxpayer pockets.” ~ Colin McNickle


Military Spending Is Not the Same As Defense Spending

– October 21, 2021

“Washington’s policy making elite should impose truth in advertising on the Defense Department by returning its name to the Department of War. Today, unfortunately, Washington makes war far more often than it defends the American people.” ~ Doug Bandow


In Defense of Bank Deposits: An Open Letter to Professor Omarova

– October 16, 2021

“I can’t help thinking that someone placed in charge of a quarter of the nation’s banks ought to recognize the valuable services they perform, and recognize them well enough to be willing to oppose any plan that would prevent them from continuing to perform those services.” ~ George Selgin


Capital Accumulation and the Reconciliation Package

– October 13, 2021

“Misguided tax hikes on businesses and individuals that discourage saving and diminish funds for private investment must be avoided. Neglecting this legislation’s adverse impact on capital accumulation means robbing future prosperity for the sake of the present social ends.” ~ Theodore A. Gebhard