Topic: Fiscal Policy

Is the Debt Ceiling Lunacy?

– February 8, 2023

“Unconstrained politicians are likely to authorize more borrowing than they should. The debt ceiling might provide a useful—if somewhat limited—constraint against excessive borrowing.” ~ William J. Luther


Debt Ceiling Theater, The 2023 Revival

– January 23, 2023

“We deserve exactly the government we have insisted upon for all these years. We also deserve the heavy price that will come for our own irresponsibility in repeatedly re-electing this troupe. No partisan theater will ever sugarcoat that.” ~ Antony Davies & James R. Harrigan


After the Speakership Fight: What Now in the House?

– January 16, 2023

“Even if spending cuts don’t go beyond the House, the Republicans will at least be linking themselves to something more than the lurid distortions of Trumpism that spook centrist voters.” ~ David B. Frisk


When Federal Interest Payments Come to Exceed the Military Budget: Time to Stop Defending the Rest of the World

– January 5, 2023

“The US economy no longer can sustain a policy of endless war. Rising interest rates highlight the dismal state of Uncle Sam’s finances. Fiscal reality, as well as good sense, tells the US to focus on its own security.” ~ Doug Bandow


A President Who Warned Americans What Extravagant Federal Spending Would Do to Character

– December 18, 2022

“Cleveland saw his job as upholding the Constitution and keeping the federal government in its proper place, not weakening ‘the bonds of common brotherhood’ by robbing Peter to pay Paul.” ~ Lawrence W. Reed


Who Committed PPP Fraud?

– December 14, 2022

“Rather than use the misconduct of four companies to lash out at an entire industry, Congress should acknowledge how the government itself facilitated fraud in the PPP.” ~ Nicholas Anthony


Taxes, Spending, and Powerball Winnings

– December 1, 2022

“A system that rewards our elected officials for spending today, without regard to the future costs, inevitably leads to one conclusion: ever-growing public debt. The current debt crisis is no mystery.” ~ David Hebert


Fiscal Crises in American Cities

– November 27, 2022

“There’s always a trade-off to overspending and unbalanced budgets. The sooner local governments realize that and reel in their spending, which is the ultimate burden of government, the sooner financial crises will be averted.” ~ Vance Ginn


To Temper the Effects of Monetary Restraint, We Need Pro-Growth Fiscal Policy

– November 21, 2022

“To temper the effects of monetary tightening, avoid a prolonged recession, and ultimately ignite economic prosperity, we need an executive and Congress willing to pursue pro-growth fiscal policy. ” ~ Kat Dwyer


The Republican Conundrum

– November 4, 2022

“Under such pressure, the political class will hit the gas even though they’re coasting on fumes. Americans will have to look to themselves and each other for help.” ~ Max Borders


Canadian Fiscal Lessons for Britain’s Fiscal Woes

– October 3, 2022

“The Canadian experience suggests that it is entirely possible to enact the spending cuts that many claim are necessary to balance the announced tax cuts in Britain.” ~ Vincent Geloso


There Is No Such Thing As Student Debt Cancellation

– September 19, 2022

“The cancellation narrative is reinforced by advocates talking about the benefits of the debt relief, while remaining silent about its costs. There is no such thing as debt cancellation. The loan will be repaid. The only question is who will foot the bill.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky