Topic: Fiscal Policy

Why Does the Federal Government Borrow? 

– May 30, 2024

“Policymakers have an incentive to finance spending with money printing and debt to hide the cost of spending from taxpayers. These costs cannot be hidden forever, though.” ~Thomas Savidge


Take National Security Off Auto-Pilot

– May 1, 2024

“We have squandered our own scarce resources, bred animosity overseas, and frequently made existing conditions worse.” ~Andrew Byers


Taxpayer Rights Revival in California

– April 30, 2024

“With inflation shrinking the purchasing power of their dollar and faced with higher tax bills because of ‘bracket creep,’ taxpayers are starting to push back against wasteful government spending again.” ~Thomas Savidge


Is Argentine Disinflation Sustainable?

– April 26, 2024

“Milei’s lack of political support in Congress adds to the uncertainty surrounding his ability to successfully pass deregulatory reforms… it is premature to declare victory on the fiscal and inflationary fronts in Argentina.” ~Nicolás Cachanosky


Take the Government Out of GDP 

– April 25, 2024

“Tax revenues are harvested from private citizens by means of coercion and extractive measures… Paying taxes to remain free of incarceration or not face withering financial penalties is hardly indicative of cooperative exchange. ” ~Tom Savidge and Peter C. Earle


Another Dismal Tax Day: Can It Drive Fiscal Reform?

– April 15, 2024

“The pain and uncertainty from an ever-changing federal progressive marginal individual income tax system with forced withholding and payment or refund later are destructive.” ~Vance Ginn


Uncle Sam, Addicted to Debt, Faces Future Military Bills

– April 8, 2024

“When the inevitable crisis hits, it will be even more difficult to reach a rational solution. Better to start now with the misnamed Defense Department.” ~Doug Bandow


How the Subsidy Straw Is Sucking The Colorado River Dry

– April 4, 2024

“A trifecta of farming-sector entitlements have incentivized producers to grow thirsty plants, underpriced water extraction, and created moral hazard….Subsidies have made water 10 times cheaper in Arizona than in Michigan.” ~Peter Clark


US Manufacturing is Doing Just Fine

– April 2, 2024

“Faced with the increased prosperity that has correlated with lowered trade barriers, making the case that trade liberalization has led to widespread harm is no easy task.” ~Colin Grabow


Assessing Bidenomics: The Fatal Conceit of National Commercial Policy

– April 2, 2024

“Roughly 50 cents out of every dollar of economic activity in the US is controlled by a government, rather than an entrepreneur, consumer, or investor. That is bad news for efficiency and growth. It’s also bad news for liberty.” ~Nikolai G. Wenzel


Did Government Red Ink Make the US More Dynamic than Europe?

– April 1, 2024

“The new ‘reshuffling’ thesis of American recovery doesn’t make much sense on the evidence. It serves a convenient political purpose, helping to justify massive federal stimulus.” ~Jason Sorens


Industrial Policy’s Short-Run Booms Risk Long-Term Failures

– March 28, 2024

“Small firms like GF will enjoy morsels, but legacy firms like Intel — who are already more immune to market shocks and decline — make subsidies into a buffet.” ~Ryan M. Yonk and Jacob Bruggeman