Topic: Religion

Ownership of Churches: Congregation, Neighbors, or the City?

– July 22, 2023

“When externalities exist and interested parties can negotiate and trade, they can discover who puts the highest value on using or possessing a resource.” ~ Christopher Lingle and Janna Lu


Modern Economics and What the Buddha Taught

– February 28, 2023

“At its root, economic self-interest means taking responsibility for one’s own survival and material well-being; it means taking care of oneself so as not to burden society, which lays the foundation for a happiness based on achievement and self-worth.” ~ Robert Edward Gordon


Happy 2023: Adam and God

– December 31, 2022

“What is the place of God in our ethics? What is our nature? What is our civilization? Which way is up? The Smith tercentenary is a special opportunity to come together in Adam Smith.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Markets Feed the Poor, Government Creates Them – The Misguided Economics of Pope Francis

– December 7, 2022

“We should be wary of eating the seed corn – but also wary of killing the proverbial goose that lays the golden eggs. The world’s poor deserve no less than the full opportunity of market exchange.” ~ Hannah Mead Kling, Julia R. Norgaard & Nikolai G. Wenzel