Topic: Government

Reforms for West Virginia’s Future

– February 15, 2024

“You could say the state is mired in the economic theories and nostrums of the past, a Great-Depression-era philosophy of government jobs and ‘managed’ competition.” ~William Ruger and Jason Sorens


The Manure Lobby: Farmer Fury in Europe

– February 13, 2024

“When a motivated and adequately organized group combines to concentrate its lobbying power on government, it generates foreseeable incentives for the ruling legislatures.” ~Paul Schwennesen


Rules over Discretion Provide a Path Forward

– February 9, 2024

“Averting an impending fiscal crisis requires substantial debate about these issues rather than the current partisan-fueled fire drill over continuing resolution funding.” ~Vance Ginn


Not a Very Virtuous Virtue Signal

– February 2, 2024

“Calling the extraction of resources from one group to give to others an investment, rather than wealth redistribution that reduces others claims on their own property, is a massive misrepresentation.” ~Gary M. Galles


A Statue Worth Preserving; A Man Worth Honoring

– January 25, 2024

“William Penn’s 1682 ‘Frame of Government’ for Pennsylvania included elected representatives, a separation of powers, religious freedom, and fair trials, all since incorporated into our Constitution.” ~Gary Galles


Presidents May Want a Line-Item Veto, but Citizens May Not 

– January 17, 2024

“The main story being told around the line-item veto focuses on congressional special interests. But Presidents have plenty of special interests, too.” ~Gary M. Galles


As Some Workers Try to Free Themselves from Unionization, Biden Officials Try to Dragoon More In

– January 3, 2024

“This case is destined for the Supreme Court, which might take another look at the constitutionality of compulsory unionism. The Court might even decide that the freedom to decide whether you want someone else acting as your representative is a fundamental right.” ~George Leef


When Liberal Became a Political Adjective

– December 24, 2023

“Before the 1770s, liberal meant generous, munificent, as in “with a liberal hand,” or tolerant and befitting a free man, as in liberal arts and liberal sciences. Those meanings were not political.” ~Daniel Klein


Time is on Government’s Side

– December 20, 2023

“Politicians get the credit for creating the program, but bear only a small part of the cost of paying for it, leaving the vast majority of the costs to future generations.” ~Gary M. Galles


A Profound Misdiagnosis of American Transit

– December 19, 2023

“We don’t need a resurgence of government spending on research and development to get more innovation in our transit systems. We just need governments to get out of the way!” ~Paul Mueller


I Fought the Google, and the Google Won

– December 16, 2023

“The plaintiffs were all taxpayers in NC, but we had no actual say about how those payments taken from us were to be spent, even if the spending violated the Constitution of the state.” ~Michael Munger


Even More Ways to Cook The Benefit-Cost Analysis Books

– December 2, 2023

“In disciplining our thinking to make better decisions, benefit-cost analysis also teaches those determined to mislead others how to do that better. Knowing how to do it ‘right’ also provides a template for how to be wrong in the desired direction.” ~Gary M. Galles