Topic: Government

If We Live by Lies, We Will Demand Deceitful Politicians 

– July 19, 2023

“When we choose to live in an inner world governed by our self-deception, we get a government ruling by deceit and vigorously stifling alternative views. ” ~ Barry Brownstein


If You Had to Choose Between Affirmative Action and School Choice, Which Would You Choose?

– July 17, 2023

“The opposition to school choice is mostly coming from those who already have more socio-economic success than the kids school choice is intended to help.’ ~ James E. Hanley


The SEC’s Illegal War on Crypto

– July 14, 2023

“SEC officials have relied on opaque and discretionary enforcement actions. They have charged companies for not complying with the law without clearly stating what the law is.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


The Supreme Court’s ‘303 Creative’ Decision – Right Result but Not for the Best Reasons

– July 10, 2023

“Freedom of contract, property rights, and economic liberties in general became disfavored as advocates of big government got their way. That is why cases like 303 Creative have to be litigated under the First Amendment.” ~ George Leef


Regulatory Alphabet Soup and the Visible Foot of Government

– July 1, 2023

“What is a wonder is that the financial and administrative costs are so invisible in daily life. The juggernaut of federal involvement in the economy is typically hidden behind a corporate veil.” ~ Nikolai Wenzel


Artificially Stimulated Stupidity

– June 22, 2023

“For most of its existence, humanity has sought to reduce its innate stupidity and ignorance through education, training, and relatively reliable methods of generating and transmitting new information. Lately, all have broken down.” ~ Robert. E. Wright


Votes For and Votes Against

– June 20, 2023

“If we think of votes as ‘votes for’ candidates, then it would make some sense to declare any candidate who wins only a plurality of votes, but not a majority, as the victor.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Announcing New Deal Rebels, edited by Amity Shlaes

– June 18, 2023

“Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ administration had a transformative impact on American society and the understanding of the government’s role in it. AIER was similarly founded during the same era and in response to that changing nature of government. ” ~ William Ruger


How Trump and Biden Are Blowing Up the Free-Trade System America Worked So Hard to Build

– June 16, 2023

“Globalization has helped generate previously unknown wealth – and health – in rich and poor nations alike. As evidenced by Trump and Biden, a President may use his unilateral tariff authority for ill.” ~ David B. McGarry


Punishing the Punishers

– June 15, 2023

“If, though, the FBI, NEA, NPR, or the ‘Ministry of Truth’ receives an allocation of, say, only $10, the punishment for incompetence or venality has been fairly meted out, has it not? What could be more democratic than direct dollar democracy?” ~ Robert E. Wright


Too Much Power?

– June 11, 2023

“Time will tell if future Fed officials are as resistant to political pressures as its current leadership, succumb to seemingly ever-resurgent MMT influences, or exercise great responsibility in maintaining a sound monetary policy.” ~ David Gillette and Lauren Frazier


Government Surveillance Injures the Innocent

– June 8, 2023

“The asymmetry of the surveillance state belies its true purpose: to protect the government, not the people.” ~ Robert E. Wright