Topic: Public Choice and Public Policy

Before Moving From DC, Move Federal Employees from San Francisco

– November 14, 2023

“To enforce coordination within the federal executive and between federal agencies and state governments — correcting a fatal flaw in Nixon’s original plan — the President should appoint a representative to each state capital.” ~Charles Keckler


Continuing to Get Straight the Facts About the American Economy

– May 31, 2023

“Despite governments at the local, state, and federal levels all obstructing, in various ways, the process of entrepreneurial wealth creation, the robustness of the American economy continues to impress.”


Why We Need Acquisitions and Why Khan’s Concerns are Bad for Business

– May 28, 2023

“Antitrust cases cost a great deal of time and money, and yet Lina Khan asserts that FTC will be looking more closely at M&As both past and present — and this assertion should be of concern to any entrepreneur and any corporate investor.” ~Kimberlee Josephson


Diabetic Complications and Economic Fundamentals

– November 12, 2022

“Basic economics, both in theory and practice, warn us that these latest efforts to subsidize insulin production are much more likely to cause further harm to an already dire situation.” ~ Byron Carson and Raymond J. March


Pandemics and Liberty: An Introduction

– October 5, 2022

“There will be more pandemics, and how (and how well) we can address them strongly depends on learning from contemporary and historical successes and failures. This volume aspires to take a step in this direction.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & Raymond J. March


Jubilee and Student Loan Forgiveness

– September 16, 2022

“Today, we have modern governments, which have significantly more power to tinker with economic incentives, monitoring and enforcing policies that ostensibly benefit the commonweal.” ~ Michael D. Thomas and Anthony Gill


Goodbye, Anthony Fauci

– August 23, 2022

“Dr. Fauci’s career has been one of maximizing budgets and influence for his agencies and himself, all the while handling multiple public health crises with less than stellar outcomes.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & David Waugh