Want to Understand the Inflation Problem? Look to Harvey Road, Not Pennsylvania Avenue

– June 24, 2022

“A bipartisan generation of loose money and loose budgets has created major negative spillover effects, and today’s inflation problem is what we all have to show for it.” ~ Peter T. Calcagno & Edward J. Lopez


Can The Fed Save Us?

– June 22, 2022

“The realities of Public Choice should make everyone think twice when asserting that the Fed or any agency should be doing something specific to fix the economy and that they will be able to make the right choice.” ~ Fernando M. D’Andrea & Ryan M. Yonk


What Can Healthcare Prices Teach About Inflationary Woes?

– June 18, 2022

“Unfortunately, addressing inflation may be more of an incentive problem than a ‘what policy should we adopt’ problem. Examining the US’s healthcare industry through the lens of public choice economics provides evidence.” ~ Raymond J. March


Review: Scott Atlas’s A Plague Upon Our House

– June 10, 2022

“Dr. Atlas’ analysis of the US’s COVID-19 response is masterful. This book offers great explanations and evidence to clarify COVID-related misunderstandings and falsehoods. His accounts of working in DC are shocking and enlightening for readers skeptical about federal suggestions on combating the pandemic.” ~ Raymond J. March


Monkeypox and Leviathan?

– June 8, 2022

“As far as public health crises are concerned, monkeypox is not in the same league as Covid-19. They are entirely different. But they share a disturbing similarity- their potential to expand and help retain government power. And this seems unpreventable.” ~ Raymond J. March 


Raving for Monkeypox

– June 2, 2022

“We should expect more outbreaks in areas with a greater appreciation for economic freedom. Indeed, reports indicate the kindling wood has been there for some time. But don’t worry; be thankful that people live in societies that allow such diseases to spread.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


Obi-Wan Kenobi, Public Choice Economist

– May 30, 2022

“Public choice logic remains relevant in the real world, even for our more pressing political controversies. Perhaps we should pay more attention to Obi-Wan, his public choice logic, and the larger political economy issues the Star Wars franchise ingeniously portrays.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


A Market for Mosquito Control?

– May 23, 2022

“In addition to the standard factors of mosquito control, perhaps we should consider the role economic freedom plays. Such institutions enhance competition, encourage innovation, and lead to more opportunities to kill mosquitoes.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


Is It Time to End the Filibuster? No!

– May 18, 2022

“If Senator Warren really cares about democracy, she would do well by leaving the filibuster in place and allowing more legislative decisions to devolve to the state, county, and municipal level of government where ‘the people’ can really rule themselves.” ~ Anthony Gill


Are EUAs Deregulation or Regulatory Capture?

– May 4, 2022

“As the pandemic ends, there are plenty of frustrating examples of what went wrong. Let’s hope deregulation is remembered as an example of what went right.” ~ Raymond J. March


Did We Need Operation Warp Speed?

– April 25, 2022

“OWS’s efforts to develop Covid-19 vaccines are often considered the crowning achievement of what went right. Unfortunately, I fear its benefits are exaggerated, and its costs are just beginning.” ~ Raymond J. March


Social Capital Mediates COVID-19 Vaccinations

– April 20, 2022

“In Tocqueville’s visit to America, he is struck by an ‘equality of conditions’—his approach to social capital. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the equality of values people hold dear. Public health is important, but so is personal freedom.” ~ Byron B. Carson III