Diabetic Complications and Economic Fundamentals

– November 12, 2022

“Basic economics, both in theory and practice, warn us that these latest efforts to subsidize insulin production are much more likely to cause further harm to an already dire situation.” ~ Byron Carson and Raymond J. March


Pandemics and Liberty: An Introduction

– October 5, 2022

“There will be more pandemics, and how (and how well) we can address them strongly depends on learning from contemporary and historical successes and failures. This volume aspires to take a step in this direction.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & Raymond J. March


Jubilee and Student Loan Forgiveness

– September 16, 2022

“Today, we have modern governments, which have significantly more power to tinker with economic incentives, monitoring and enforcing policies that ostensibly benefit the commonweal.” ~ Michael D. Thomas and Anthony Gill


Goodbye, Anthony Fauci

– August 23, 2022

“Dr. Fauci’s career has been one of maximizing budgets and influence for his agencies and himself, all the while handling multiple public health crises with less than stellar outcomes.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & David Waugh


The Fed’s Share of Public Debt: Worsening Withdrawal Symptoms?

– July 20, 2022

“Can Congress quit the Fed’s easy money policy that has allowed them to push debt levels well above 100% of GDP, or will the addiction demand more QE to support Washington’s spending habit?” ~ Peter T. Calcagno & Edward J. Lopez


Is Wokeness the New Sumptuary Laws?

– July 16, 2022

“A truly free and socially-egalitarian society will reject sumptuary taxes, no matter what form they take. Awake to the woke, and reject how it’s spoke.” ~ Anthony Gill


Politics Without Romance – Why the World Looks the Way It Does | Liberty Curious (Video)

– July 8, 2022

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, AIER Senior Research Faculty Ryan Yonk joins Kate Wand to discuss Public Choice theory, which James Buchanan famously described as ‘politics without romance.’” ~ AIER


Washington’s Budget Deficits: Size and Composition Matter

– July 4, 2022

“Since entitlements are off the table under threats of touching ‘the third rail of politics,’ then proponents of fiscal discipline have been trying to reform and constrain an ever-smaller portion of the overall budget.” ~ Peter T. Calcagno & Edward J. Lopez


Want to Understand the Inflation Problem? Look to Harvey Road, Not Pennsylvania Avenue

– June 24, 2022

“A bipartisan generation of loose money and loose budgets has created major negative spillover effects, and today’s inflation problem is what we all have to show for it.” ~ Peter T. Calcagno & Edward J. Lopez


Can The Fed Save Us?

– June 22, 2022

“The realities of Public Choice should make everyone think twice when asserting that the Fed or any agency should be doing something specific to fix the economy and that they will be able to make the right choice.” ~ Fernando M. D’Andrea & Ryan M. Yonk


What Can Healthcare Prices Teach About Inflationary Woes?

– June 18, 2022

“Unfortunately, addressing inflation may be more of an incentive problem than a ‘what policy should we adopt’ problem. Examining the US’s healthcare industry through the lens of public choice economics provides evidence.” ~ Raymond J. March


Review: Scott Atlas’s A Plague Upon Our House

– June 10, 2022

“Dr. Atlas’ analysis of the US’s COVID-19 response is masterful. This book offers great explanations and evidence to clarify COVID-related misunderstandings and falsehoods. His accounts of working in DC are shocking and enlightening for readers skeptical about federal suggestions on combating the pandemic.” ~ Raymond J. March