Finance Memes and the Collective Influence of Young Retail Investors

– January 5, 2021

“Much like all other behaviors associated with young retail investors, on their own, they seem reckless but collectively they help shift results in their favor. Sometimes they are simply the right choice despite expert opinion. These trends not only demonstrate an interesting short-term market force but also the permanent introduction of new demand side forces as a result of the growing financial enfranchisement of younger investors.” ~ Ethan Yang


Sovereign Debt After Covid-19: The Wrong View

– January 4, 2021

“Like many others, I am concerned about the sovereign debt market in the wake of Covid-19. But providing more funds to governments committed to maintaining an unsustainable course is not a solution. These countries need serious institutional reforms.” ~ Nicolás Cachanosky


Ten Remarkable Financial Events of 2020

– January 1, 2021

“A year like 2020 educates another generation of traders and corporate managers, contributes to more robust market and exchange designs, and draws in innovators and risk-takers seeking to capitalize on the next crisis opportunity. Whatever 2021 has in store, it is unlikely to replicate financial market conditions witnessed throughout 2020.” ~ Peter C. Earle


The Nanny State Comes for Robinhood

– December 18, 2020

“Massachusetts’ regulatory intentions for Robinhood not only demonstrate a high level of disregard for the decision-making abilities of its citizens, but also a failure to understand the entity it seeks to regulate. The ongoing attempts to place onerous regulations on innovative companies like Robinhood in the name of the public interest are not only misinformed but they will likely leave us worse off.” ~ Ethan Yang


Covid Policies Have Caused Industrial Consolidation

– December 9, 2020

“Lockdowns have increased inequality, concentrated wealth, and hurt the poor in ways opponents of capitalism claim free markets do.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Fiona Harrigan


Jim Simons and His Quants

– December 20, 2019

We meet colorful characters, financial success, and business matches made in heaven — but also ceaseless struggling, heartbreaking losses, friendships, marriages, and partnerships with flourishing beginnings and abrupt endings.


Investment Management for Mortals

– July 17, 2011

Modern Portfolio Theory Part 10 | July 18, 2011 Overconfidence and self-deception are part of human nature. But knowing this opens the way to better decisions and wiser allocations. Donald R. Chambers, PhD, Research Associate


Alternative Investments – MPT

– June 20, 2011

Modern Portfolio Theory Part 9 | June 20, 2011 Non-traditional investments can strengthen individual portfolios. But they must satisfy three key criteria. by Donald R. Chambers, PhD, Research Associate


Dynamic Asset Allocation Strategies

– May 13, 2011

Modern Portfolio Theory Part 8 | May 16, 2011 There are only two reasons to reconsider target allocations. Neither are determined by outside circumstances. by Donald R. Chambers, PhD, Research Associate


Market Timing and Stock Pricing

– April 14, 2011

Modern Portfolio Theory Part 7 | April, 18, 2011 Trading strategies are like casino gambling. You pay your money and you take your chances. But there are more reliable ways to build your portfolio. by Donald R. Chambers, PhD, Research Associate


Managing the Riskless Portfolio

– March 21, 2011

Managing the Riskless Portfolio An investor can limit risk by reducing the portion of her wealth exposed to the risky market portfolio and increasing her holdings in the riskless portfolio. by Donald R. Chambers, PhD, Research Associate


Modern Portfolio Theory: Introduction and Overview

– March 21, 2011

Introduction and Overview Modern Portfolio Theory suggests that you can maximize your investment returns, given the amount of risk (or volatility) you are willing to take on. This is the idea to be developed and evaluated during this 10-part series. Pa …