Could Carbon Taxes Lose Us a Cold War with China?

– December 24, 2021

“To draw the developing world from the clutches of China’s Communist Party, policy-makers must incorporate revenue neutrality into their carbon tax considerations, or else abandon the plan entirely.” ~ Connor Tomlinson


A New Idea Emerges at COP26

– December 3, 2021

“Conservatives showed up at COP26 to indicate that a constructive alternative to alarmist rhetoric exists. At COP27, it’s time that we attended in full force, and told the UN to let the adults do the talking.” ~ Christopher Barnard & Connor Tomlinson


The Gospel of a 99% Consensus

– November 25, 2021

“It is not surprising to see an array of messiahs come up with genocidal plans to banish all evil, that is, reliable energy — the blood of modern, long, and prosperous life — in the name of the revealed ‘truth.'” ~ Robertas Bakula


Book Review: George Melloan’s ‘Bogus Science’

– November 8, 2021

“George Melloan’s Bogus Science should loom large in changing the terms of the ‘global warming’ discussion to far more reasonable ones.” ~ John Tamny


Asia, Not the US Is the Main Source of Global Warming

– November 5, 2021

“Spending endless billions on lucrative subsidies for electric cars, solar and wind farms, and other boondoggles could not possibly make much difference to future worldwide greenhouse gas emissions that will continue to depend almost entirely on what Asia is doing, not the U.S.” ~ Alan Reynolds


Green Jobs Are a Cost, not a Benefit

– November 1, 2021

“If we have decided to transition to clean energy for environmental reasons, then we should hope for clean energy that requires fewer jobs. That would be a real benefit.” ~ James E. Hanley


Pennsylvania’s Road to Serfdom (and Freedom’s to Perdition)

– October 14, 2021

“Pennsylvania’s updated ‘climate action plan,’ as were all previous plans, is a recipe for economic disaster and society’s mutual demise. Never has such ‘forward thinking’ been so utterly backward and ignorant.” ~ Colin McNickle


Malthusian Misanthropy

– October 11, 2021

“Perhaps the most baleful feature of this benign man’s theory is the scarcity mentality it both posits and reinforces, and which has crept into contemporary thinking in biology, environmentalism, and economics.” ~ Richard Gunderman


“Green” Europe Looks to Coal Again

– October 7, 2021

“Europe is suddenly stocking up on all three fossil fuels, and paying exorbitant prices to do so. In turn, so-called ‘greenhouse gas emissions’ (GHGs) will jump. And none of it was necessary, except that Miss Thunberg’s fan base made it so.” ~ Michael Fumento


Reducing Racism and Global Climate Change in One Step

– October 3, 2021

“The world will never be completely free of bigotry, bad weather, and 97 other problems but at least taxpayers can stop paying through the nose to make them worse.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The “Fortune of the Commons”: Why Are There Still Blueberries in the Fields?

– September 30, 2021

“Sometimes the supposedly inevitable tragedy-of-the-commons can, with prosperity and economic growth, be turned on its head to become the Fortune of the Commons.” ~ Joakim Book


More Wetlands Purgatory for American Landowners

– September 3, 2021

“Nobody in Washington has cared enough to slay the hydra. Wetlands policy vivifies how the Fifth Amendment’s proviso that property cannot be taken ‘without due process of law’ is void when bureaucrats are unleashed.” ~ James Bovard