Topic: Economic History

The Collapse of the USSR Was One the Best Things that Happened to the Environment

– June 14, 2023

“These proportions suggest that the collapse of the USSR was an incredibly cheap climate-change mitigation ‘policy.’ Indeed, the mitigation was itself a benefit to economic growth rather than a cost.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Three Myths About Marx

– June 10, 2023

“Findings suggest that political events, rather than intellectual renown, placed Marx on the map.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Economic Growth Theories Fall into the Dustbin of History (And That’s Okay)

– June 6, 2023

“So, while prominent economists were spinning their unsatisfying theories and lamenting the vicious cycle of poverty, the world got better—on its own.” ~ Jane Shaw Stroup


Eliminating the Debt Ceiling: Is There Anything the 14th Amendment Can’t Do?

– May 23, 2023

“The Biden administration threatens to invoke Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment to sidestep the longstanding federal debt ceiling in a way that would increase the power of the executive branch. ” ~ Robert E. Wright


Adam Smith v. Wesley Jones

– May 7, 2023

“It is long past time Americans saw through the multiple misrepresentations that have defended the Jones Act’s nothing-for-something restrictions for over a century, including twisting Adam Smith’s logic into a false endorsement of its enormously costly restrictions.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Hamilton’s Haircuts

– May 4, 2023

“Whatever you think of the wisdom of Hamilton’s moves, our point is simple and stark: The US government has defaulted in the past.” ~ David R. Henderson and Jeffrey R. Hummel


Does the 1619 Project Have Anything To Teach Us? Phil Magness at the Soho Forum Debate (Video)

– May 1, 2023

“Magness and Holton recently debated the resolution: ‘The New York Times book The 1619 Project, and the Hulu video series based on it, are important contributions to our understanding of slavery and the role of African Americans in American history.'” ~ AIER


Hayek and Bitcoin

– April 17, 2023

“By seemingly enormous coincidence, Satoshi (assuming he was unaware at the time), would have probably been delighted to learn that in Hayek’s same ‘sly roundabout way’ video interview, he held up a copy of The Times newspaper and declared: ‘I read this everyday.’ Great minds think alike.” ~ Emile Phaneuf


Dismal is Better

– April 12, 2023

“Today the social isolation of the economically minded has different proximate causes, but the underlying reason economic reasoning stands alone is that it stands athwart the desire of many people, perhaps most people, to rearrange the actual world into a world that they can imagine.” ~ Michael C. Munger