Tax Strike!

– April 2, 2023

“For political reasons, the beefed-up IRS probably will not cause serious trouble until processing 2024 returns in 2025. Unless, that is, taxpayers rebel the only way they still can, via the electoral process, starting with candidate selection.” ~ Robert E. Wright


John Cowperthwaite: An Underappreciated Champion of Economic Development?

– March 31, 2023

“This nuance, while it may dampen any classical liberal’s affection for John Cowperthwaite, should only reinforce one’s commitment to the principles of a free society as instruments of development and progress.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Politics, Not Markets, Makes Banking Unstable

– March 29, 2023

“Banking reform should rank high on our list of policy priorities, but moving away from fractional reserves shouldn’t be a part of the conversation.” ~ Alexander William Salter