Topic: Economic Growth

Resistance to Revitalization? When Neighborhoods Change but Regulations Don’t

– December 15, 2023

“The amount of red tape and regulation, fees and form-filling that government has wrapped around simple collaboration isn’t just irritating and expensive. On a deep level, it’s inhuman.” ~Laura Williams


Defending Globalization

– December 9, 2023

“Only because people are eager to trade with people in different countries do governments feel the need to suppress this trade…Persons who erect these restraints understand that what they impose is not globalization – that would arise naturally – but economic nationalism.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


Even More Ways to Cook The Benefit-Cost Analysis Books

– December 2, 2023

“In disciplining our thinking to make better decisions, benefit-cost analysis also teaches those determined to mislead others how to do that better. Knowing how to do it ‘right’ also provides a template for how to be wrong in the desired direction.” ~Gary M. Galles


The Miracles of Human Cooperation Are Hidden in Plain Sight

– November 27, 2023

“Humans cooperate and communicate in miraculous ways through the mechanism of the price system. If you believe someone must be in charge of coordinating human action, you will never notice the marvels all around you.” ~Barry Brownstein


Garbled Economics in the WSJ on Argentina Dollarization

– November 26, 2023

“Dollarization may not be the first-best solution for Argentina, though it’s hard to imagine it will be worse than hyperinflation.” ~Jason Sorens


Universal Basic Income? Universal High Income?

– November 18, 2023

“Where would the money come from, existing program cuts, higher existing taxes, new taxes, and/or new money creation? Would a UBI simply displace the current hodge-podge of income transfers or add yet another layer?” ~Robert E. Wright


Economic Growth Remains One Way Out of Historical Tensions

– November 16, 2023

“When the future looks bright and living standards are rapidly improving, old grudges and tensions lose their relevance. We end up forgetting them because the things ahead look so much more enticing.” ~Vincent Geloso


If You Care About Social Mobility, You Need to Let Markets Work

– November 7, 2023

“A person born in the economically freest quartile of metropolitan areas experiences between 5 and 12 percent more intergenerational income mobility. This effect is systematically larger than the effect of income inequality.” ~Vincent Geloso


The Biden Administration’s Artificial Intelligence Rent-Seeking Play

– November 2, 2023

“Political incentives being what they are, these evaluations of safety will be used to redirect and tweak AI models towards the priorities of the current administration.” ~Paul Mueller


Does a Blowout Third-Quarter GDP Number Vindicate Bidenomics?

– October 25, 2023

“US citizens will, in the event of an uncommonly strong third-quarter US GDP release, benefit from taking close note of political self-aggrandizement made in its wake. Upcoming GDP releases may require reminding administration officials of statements made tomorrow regarding the prospects of Bidenomics.” ~Peter C. Earle


The Awestruck and the Awws

– October 22, 2023

“No matter how much higher standards of living for nearly everyone in today’s market-oriented economies are, living standards could be even higher. The costs of obtaining, maintaining, and further raising these living standards could be even lower.” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


The Embargo at 50: Regulatory Causality vs. Anti-Oil Narrative

– October 22, 2023

“What was obvious then should be more obvious today: Energy crises are governmental. Market challenges and solutions are entirely different from full-blown emergencies.” ~Robert L. Bradley