Topic: Authoritarianism

We at 100: The Case for Liberty

– October 27, 2021

“Yet Zamyatin leaves readers with hope, as valuable now as it was in 1921. As I-330 says, there is no final number, so ‘how can there be a final revolution? There is no final one. The number of revolutions is infinite.’ Even when liberty seems most at risk, it is never truly lost.” ~ Caroline Breashears


Why Bother?

– October 27, 2021

“Apparently, when it comes to maintaining peaceful relations with all, as Adam Smith, Alexander Hamilton, and scads of other political economists have advised, Uncle Sam has only one thing to say: Why bother?” ~ Robert E. Wright


What Progressives Miss in the Bitcoin Energy Debate

– October 26, 2021

“If progressives such as Elizabeth Warren extended their publicly held values of ‘fearless consumer advocacy’ to also apply to those outside the western world, they would see the value of Bitcoin.” ~ David Waugh


Why Government Cover-Ups Succeed

– October 25, 2021

“The mere fact that Biden is not Donald Trump will likely continue to give him a free pass from the media for at least another six months. Or maybe cold, hard reality will never catch up with the most media-beloved president since Barack Obama.” ~ James Bovard


Principles, Not Coercion, Are the Source of Unity

– October 23, 2021

“True unity, our shared humanity, must rest on the principle of natural rights. Rights-based unity leads to cooperation and harmony based on respect for voluntary choices made by individuals, especially when their choices differ from our own.” ~ Barry Brownstein


The Devil Didn’t Make ’Em Do It, and Neither Did the Pandemic

– October 21, 2021

“Believing Covid shuts down businesses, closes schools, causes substance abuse, requires emergency orders, and so forth requires the unstated presumption that individuals are not the ones choosing. It’s a signature fallacy in the Covid era, and one that I had thought people would have given up by now.” ~ Jon Sanders


Why Authoritarianism Must Prevail

– October 20, 2021

“America and the rest of the West have been sliding down the slippery slope of statism for so long that they are now rapidly approaching the precipice that ends in rock bottom. Will liberty be crushed and a new dark age commence?” ~ Robert E. Wright


The FDA’s War Against the Truth on Ivermectin

– October 18, 2021

“The FDA spreads lies and alarms Americans while preventing drug companies from providing us with scientific explorations of existing, promising, generic drugs.” ~ Charles L. Hooper & David R. Henderson


Time for Washington to Stop Sanctioning the World: US Arrogance Leaves Trail of Innocent Victims Behind

– October 14, 2021

“America’s sanctions policy is both costly and cruel, with the gains rarely worth the resulting human harm. The Biden administration should review current policy and sharply limit the use of economic sanctions.” ~ Doug Bandow


End Banking as We Know It?

– October 10, 2021

“Omarova is right to point out the deficiencies in central banking. Nonetheless, ending traditional banking to fix central banking would be like closing schools to improve student retention. There are easier ways forward.” ~ Kenneth Kalczuk


Beware of the Progressive Redefinition of Moderates

– October 9, 2021

“Frederic Bastiat wrote his electoral manifesto at a time when politically popular ‘moderates’ enabled expanding government coercion, while ‘extremists’ defended liberty. Unfortunately, little seems different today.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Biden’s $3.5 Trillion “Make Big Government Even Bigger” Plan

– October 8, 2021

“What is needed is a repeal of government regulations and restrictions, ending any and all government control over consumption and production, lowering taxes, the end to budget deficits, and working with a balanced budget.” ~ Richard M. Ebeling