Are EUAs Deregulation or Regulatory Capture?

– May 4, 2022

“As the pandemic ends, there are plenty of frustrating examples of what went wrong. Let’s hope deregulation is remembered as an example of what went right.” ~ Raymond J. March


Did We Need Operation Warp Speed?

– April 25, 2022

“OWS’s efforts to develop Covid-19 vaccines are often considered the crowning achievement of what went right. Unfortunately, I fear its benefits are exaggerated, and its costs are just beginning.” ~ Raymond J. March


Social Capital Mediates COVID-19 Vaccinations

– April 20, 2022

“In Tocqueville’s visit to America, he is struck by an ‘equality of conditions’—his approach to social capital. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the equality of values people hold dear. Public health is important, but so is personal freedom.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


Vaccine Cronyism

– February 21, 2022

“As revealed through various documents well after OWS, we know the agreements limit vaccine developers not selected for OWS from expedited clinical trials and a transparent process for authorization.” ~ Raymond J. March


FDA Continues to Meddle With Covid-19 Treatments

– February 18, 2022

“When the FDA and other agencies curtail private efforts to battle Covid-19, including limiting the use of existing and established treatments, we place our trust in less capable hands.” ~ Raymond J. March


Covid-19’s Ratchet Effect is Becoming Endemic

– February 7, 2022

“Crises end, but newly designated powers and increased budgets governments receive throughout seldom end with them. Instead, government power exhibits a ratchet effect, never diminishing to pre-crisis levels.” ~ Raymond J. March


What Can Hayek Say About Public Health?

– February 5, 2022

“Public health as art, following Hayek, becomes a social science, or the study of how people make choices based on their values and tacit knowledge, how they interact with others, and how those behaviors and interactions influence health.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


New Covid Variant – Same Government Blunders

– January 28, 2022

“We know that mistakes in allocating medical goods to treat patients only make a challenging situation worse. The government has made many of these mistakes, and it doesn’t seem to be learning from them.” ~ Raymond J. March


Benefits of a Balanced Public Health Strategy

– January 10, 2022

“Disease mitigation policy that fails to incorporate diverse demographic, geographic, cultural, and even historical subtleties that characterize localities will see the same long tail of unintended consequences and policy failure.” ~ Peter C. Earle & Ryan M. Yonk


Adam Smith, Capitation, and the Nonsense That Is the Proposed Wealth Tax

– November 11, 2021

“While the economic implications of this proposal are sufficiently flimsy to discount its claimed purpose of revenue generation, the proposed wealth tax faces a greater obstacle to its adoption: it is blatantly unconstitutional.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


The FDA is Back and Coming after Smart Socks

– November 10, 2021

“Considering the FDA regulates nearly 40 percent of all consumer products, its recent actions are a strong cause for concern. As a health economist, I’ll be monitoring the situation closely.” ~ Raymond J. March


Gain of Function Controversy Demands Greater Scrutiny for Government-Funded Science

– November 2, 2021

“Not every failure of government-funded science is as pervasive as the high-carb diet, as ghastly as the lobotomy, or as controversial as gain of function experiments. But the risk remains as long as the government remains a major funding source for research.” ~ Raymond J. March