Government Is the Scourge of Diabetics, Not Their Savior

– August 17, 2022

“The fact that congressional Democrats and the rest of the federal government will not give up even a little bit of their power in order to help diabetics tells you where their hearts really lie.” ~ Michael F. Cannon


The FDA Has a Science Problem

– August 14, 2022

“Holman’s departure from an agency that claims to want to reduce smoking to a tobacco company is more indicative of an underlying theme: tobacco and vaping companies are more committed to helping adults quit smoking than the FDA.” ~ Lindsey Stroud


Price Controls Hurt Patients, Risk Future Innovation

– August 2, 2022

“If price controls are put in place on new medications, research and development funds will dry up, manufacturers will cease creating new medications, and the hopes of patients seeking new treatments and cures will not exist.” ~ Courtney Quinn


Risk Analysis for Children’s Health

– July 28, 2022

“Given that the benefits to children from lowering exposure to any of the FDA or EPA chemicals may be negligible to non-existent, we would likely be better off addressing more serious concerns for children.” ~ Richard Williams


Re-Imagining Medicine

– July 24, 2022

“We are not selecting for, nurturing, or rewarding imagination in medicine to the degree we should, and patients, physicians, and our society are paying the price for it.” ~ Richard Gunderman


What Can Healthcare Prices Teach About Inflationary Woes?

– June 18, 2022

“Unfortunately, addressing inflation may be more of an incentive problem than a ‘what policy should we adopt’ problem. Examining the US’s healthcare industry through the lens of public choice economics provides evidence.” ~ Raymond J. March


Fat Orwell

– June 15, 2022

“With a few discreet kicks he sent the bits of his discarded lunch scattering. Now quiet again, his Fatbit faded to its resting display of the Party slogans. War is peace. Inflation is prosperity. Fitness is fatness.” ~ Jon Sanders


Monkeypox and Leviathan?

– June 8, 2022

“As far as public health crises are concerned, monkeypox is not in the same league as Covid-19. They are entirely different. But they share a disturbing similarity- their potential to expand and help retain government power. And this seems unpreventable.” ~ Raymond J. March 


Federal Testing Debacle Multiplied COVID Carnage

– June 3, 2022

“Federal health agencies have had more blunders than practically anyone expected during this pandemic. The least that Uncle Sam can do is get out of the way of private efforts to help Americans recognize the risks in their own lives.” ~ James Bovard


New Study Challenges CDC Evidence on School Masking

– June 1, 2022

“The results of this study demonstrate, with more data and robustness than the CDC’s own paper, that masks in schools are an ineffective tool against COVID-19. The CDC’s decision not to publish this study in their journal only further discredits the agency.” ~ David Waugh


FDA Prevents Local Vape Businesses from Helping Smokers Quit

– May 26, 2022

“The FDA and activist groups like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids are obsessed with preventing teen vaping. This results in an ‘abstinence’ message that’s almost certain to fail, backed up by regulations to make access to vaping more difficult for the smoker trying to switch.” ~ Michael Graham


Cronyism Makes the Baby Formula Shortage Worse

– May 24, 2022

“When a recall or a shortage happens, parents would have far more options in a free market than in the current regulatory mess of cronyism and protectionism.” ~ Ryan Young