The Many Variants of Fauci’s Mutating Covid Advice

– March 23, 2021

“Although reinfection from new strains continues to be an avenue of research and investigation, the evidence we currently have suggests it remains uncommon. That hasn’t stopped America’s ‘leading infectious disease authority’ from indulging in wildly irresponsible speculation from a national stage though, invariably appealing to alarmism as a pretext for continuing the same failed lockdown policies he has been peddling for over a year now.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


Why are We Vaccinating Children against Covid-19?

– March 20, 2021

“Vaccinating our children with a possibly harmful (untested) vaccine to them and with no basis given their risk profile, must be pushed back upon hard by parents. Parents are the voices of their children now on vaccinating their children and on the other looming disaster, Covid-19 ‘vaccine passports,’ that are as illogical and dangerous as vaccines for children under 12! Americans must stand up now to this! ” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


School Closure Advocates and Their Own Actions

– March 18, 2021

“It is impossible to look past the blatant hypocrisy and disregard for society Fiegl-Ding’s advocacy for school closure now represents in light of these findings. We have gotten to know this sort of hypocrisy all too well throughout this pandemic which illustrates the principle that we all share the burden of lockdowns equally, but some more equal than others” ~ Ethan Yang


More “Covid Suicides” than Covid Deaths in Kids

– March 17, 2021

“Society needs to remember that the stolen Covid generation will one day run the country. Teachers resisting returning to class should recognize that this generation currently locked-in to bedroom Zoom classes will one day care for us in our old age. And politicians should remember that this generation whose rights have so blatantly been violated will soon be able to vote.” ~ Micha Gartz


Non-COVID Death Epidemic of the Future

– March 15, 2021

“There will be a rash of deaths that could have been prevented in the recent past and more so in the coming future, from not-screening, not diagnosing and not being able to care for. We might all rue the day when the public health policy experts did not consider the ramifications of their singular tunnel-vision focus.” ~ Parvez Dara, MD, FACP, MBA


Leave the Choice of Restrictions to the Market

– March 14, 2021

“Allowing vaccinated people the opportunity to return to a freer lifestyle has an added society benefit: It surely will increase vaccination acceptance rates. The alternative — forcing vaccinated people to continue to adhere to the strictest sanitary protocols — would surely reduce the number of people willing to be vaccinated. What’s wrong with allowing businesses to choose their approach to customer safety, and customers to choose which business they patronize? Nothing. Nothing at all.” ~ Ramon P. DeGennaro


Masking Children: Tragic, Unscientific, and Damaging

– March 10, 2021

“Masking children is as absurd, illogical, nonsensical, and potentially dangerous as trying to stop ‘every case of Covid’ or ‘stopping Covid at all costs.’ Masks are not needed for children based on near zero risk in children. The risk of dying from Covid-19 is ‘almost zero’ for young people. The issue of masks in children is really a risk management question for parents and any decision-maker. The science is settled.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


The Rights of the Naturally Immune

– March 9, 2021

“The civil authorities have decided, in effect, that fully indemnified pharmaceutical companies have the de facto ‘right’ to force me to take an experimental vaccine that, in the very, very best of circumstances, will only match what my apparently well-functioning body has already given me without any side effects. And this, while straight out telling me that even if I submit to their government-coerced medical experiment I will probably still not get my full constitutional rights back. This is an important issue that needs to be addressed.” ~ Thomas Harrington


Birth Dearth Nine Months Following COVID Lockdowns

– March 5, 2021

“The unintended consequences of fewer births following lockdowns are an example of what the French economist Frederic Bastiat called, “that which is not seen.” It may be two years before birth data for 2020 are available from CDC. Local researchers need to examine their local data to answer these questions.” ~ Gilbert G. Berdine


The CDC’s Mask Mandate Study: Debunked

– March 4, 2021

“Trusting the science means relying on the scientific process and method and not merely ‘following the leader.’ It is not the same as trusting, without verification, the conclusory statements of human beings simply because they have scientific training or credentials. This is especially so if their views and inquiry have become politicized.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


There Are Libertarians In A Pandemic, And For Good Reason

– March 1, 2021

“If nothing else, the Covid pandemic will create dissertation topics for generations of Ph.D. students across the humanities and social sciences. Someone looking to write the definitive history of the pandemic could get a head start by considering some of Cochrane’s commentary.” ~ Art Carden


Vaccine Central Planning Fails Too

– March 1, 2021

“In both the supply of vaccine doses and the ability to secure an appointment, the primary obstacle facing most Americans is not a lack of interest in vaccination or the fringe anti-vaxx groups that the media dwells upon. It’s the classic obstacles of central planning in allocating a scarce and widely desired good.” ~ Phillip W. Magness