A Vaccine Auction

– February 12, 2021

“As long as the problems of efficiency and distributive justice are separable, one can leave vaccine allocation to a (thoughtfully designed) market while leaving it to elected officials to debate and pursue, at their own pace, the kind of distributive justice that they think their constituents deserve.” ~ Romans Pancs


Will the Truth on COVID Restrictions Really Prevail?

– February 11, 2021

“America is now a country where differing interpretations of science in order to seek the truth is the new anathema. I fear that ‘the science’ has been seriously damaged, and many have simply become fatigued by the arguments. That is even worse, because fatigue will allow fallacy to triumph over truth. Perhaps Harvard Medical School Professor Martin Kulldorff was correct when he lamented, ‘After 300 years, the Age of Enlightenment has ended.'” ~ Scott W. Atlas


Masking: A Careful Review of the Evidence

– February 11, 2021

“The predominant conclusion is that face masks have a very important role in places such as hospitals, but there exists very little evidence of widespread benefit for members of the public (adults or children) as well as evidence that masking is truly an ineffectual way to manage pandemic-related spread of viral disease. Our view is that masks as they are worn now, and the masks that are in use, offer zero protection. They can be viewed as ineffective while others consider them as being better than nothing but without evidence to support that view.” ~ AIER Contributing Authors


Are Mask Mandates in Violation of Federal Law?

– February 10, 2021

“The Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act was established, in part, to put forth uniform standards based upon scientific justification for use. There are no uniform standards when it comes to mask mandates, just as there is no scientific justification. But, since most of the actions that have been taken since March of 2020 have been in violation of the US Constitution itself, why should we expect that to change now?” ~ Roger W. Koops


How a Virus Was Used To Transform a Free Country — Part 2

– February 9, 2021

“As Americans grow increasingly more desperate, the government continues to restrict peoples’ options. The CARES Act epitomized the tenet of redistribution of wealth, growing the numbers of Americans dependent upon the government, and vastly increasing the size and power of government.” ~ Sandy Szwarc


I Can’t Stop Wondering About Covid-19

– February 8, 2021

“Why on all matters Covid do so many otherwise sensible, appropriately skeptical, and numerate people – people who understand the necessity of trade-offs, the reality of unintended consequences, and the dangers of government power – lose their judgment and remain in the ranks of the hysterical masses who treat Covid as the existential threat that it most certainly is not? I can’t stop wondering why.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Imagine If the Virus Had Never Been Detected

– February 4, 2021

“The virus didn’t suddenly start spreading in March of 2020 just because politicians decided it had. 2019 is the likelier beginning. Early 2020 too. Life was pretty normal as a virus made its way around the world then. Politicians made it abnormal. Let’s never forget the sickening carnage they can create when they find reasons to ‘do something.'” ~ John Tamny


In the Midst of Covid-19, Pakistan Continues Its Fight Against Polio

– January 15, 2021

“The nation’s health authorities have realized that Covid-19 mitigation is only one component of holistic public health practices. Public health must take all epidemiological factors into account. Tunnel vision only serves to create new kinds of misery, scrapping hard-earned progress.” ~ Fiona Harrigan


Lockdowns Don’t Prevent Coronavirus Spread

– January 12, 2021

“What the new study from Northern Jutland shows is that an extreme form of lockdown didn’t work in one of the most law-abiding societies in the world. Why, then, should we expect lockdowns to be effective anywhere else?” ~ Joakim Book & Christian Bjørnskov


New Study Links Lockdowns to Potential Long-Term Increases In Excess Deaths

– January 7, 2021

“Regardless of your position on lockdowns, addressing the economic damage these policies have created is just as important to preventing excess death as containing the virus. Failing to heed this lesson will simply be fighting one disease by creating another.” ~ Ethan Yang


Your Trauma and Mine: A Retrospective on 2020

– December 25, 2020

“The many layers of trauma we’ve all experienced this year are awesome to contemplate. But if you are reading this, you are like me, a survivor. We are wounded but in other ways stronger than before, more dedicated to truth, more committed to the ideals of freedom, less naive and ready to go forth in battle not to let civilization be dismantled. Rather we must defend it with everything we have to offer.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Twelve Forgotten Principles of Public Health

– December 21, 2020

“It is important for public health scientists and officials to listen to the public, who are living the public health consequences. This pandemic has proved that many non-epidemiologists understand public health better than some epidemiologists.” ~ Dr. Martin Kulldorff