A Market for Mosquito Control?

– May 23, 2022

“In addition to the standard factors of mosquito control, perhaps we should consider the role economic freedom plays. Such institutions enhance competition, encourage innovation, and lead to more opportunities to kill mosquitoes.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


Book Review: Peter Ward’s ‘The Price of Immortality’

– May 15, 2022

“The Price of Immortality is in so many ways a deceptive title. Peter Ward’s readers deserve better, his subject deserves much better, plus the publisher should respect his readers more.” ~ John Tamny


Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids: The Case for Compromise

– May 11, 2022

“Perhaps it’s time for CTFK to return to the negotiating table to reduce the number of people who smoke by guaranteeing adults access to safer tobacco alternatives, including flavored vapor products.” ~ Kim Murray


Are EUAs Deregulation or Regulatory Capture?

– May 4, 2022

“As the pandemic ends, there are plenty of frustrating examples of what went wrong. Let’s hope deregulation is remembered as an example of what went right.” ~ Raymond J. March


Social Capital Mediates COVID-19 Vaccinations

– April 20, 2022

“In Tocqueville’s visit to America, he is struck by an ‘equality of conditions’—his approach to social capital. Perhaps we should pay more attention to the equality of values people hold dear. Public health is important, but so is personal freedom.” ~ Byron B. Carson III


It Takes a Village of Bureaucrats to Implement Despotism

– March 17, 2022

“In America today, a decentralization movement is growing, advocating greater local control. Continued erosion of public trust in federal agencies and government experts will hasten that movement.” ~ Barry Brownstein



– February 27, 2022

“Ozymaskias is crumbling, but it’s not enough. These horrible, unscientific, illiberal, anti-human mandates must be sunk forever in the desert sands of history along with the rest of their Covid-excused tyrannies.” ~ Jon Sanders


Vaccine Cronyism

– February 21, 2022

“As revealed through various documents well after OWS, we know the agreements limit vaccine developers not selected for OWS from expedited clinical trials and a transparent process for authorization.” ~ Raymond J. March


What An Economist Knows About Crony Vaccines

– February 20, 2022

“With effective treatments, fear would be diminished, and vaccines would be judiciously deployed to those who demand them. Blocking discovery, via crony liability shields, costs lives.” ~ Barry Brownstein


The Hepatological Toll of NPIs Surfaces

– February 19, 2022

“The effects of treating human beings like insects in mason jars with holes poked in the lid are coming to light. We cannot repair the damage done, but we can highlight and expose those who were responsible for the remainder of their waking days.” ~ Peter C. Earle


FDA Continues to Meddle With Covid-19 Treatments

– February 18, 2022

“When the FDA and other agencies curtail private efforts to battle Covid-19, including limiting the use of existing and established treatments, we place our trust in less capable hands.” ~ Raymond J. March


The Organ Shortage

– February 10, 2022

“From an economic perspective the decades-long organ shortage has a simple cause: paying organ donors is illegal. Price controls predictably produce shortages.” ~ Daniel Sutter