Topic: Gold

The Golden Constant

– December 27, 2023

“The fear fueling this increase in the demand for gold is that the “unsinkable” ship of state has been so compromised by debt that it now risks slipping under the waves.” ~Clifford F. Thies


The Mating of Economic Ideas and Bitcoin

– August 10, 2023

“As Bitcoin is a highly decentralized and antifragile system with no real-world backed assets that can be seized to shut it down, appears to be the only realistic candidate to introduce something that government cannot stop.” ~ Emile Phaneuf III


A World Dedollarized is Gold Remonetized

– August 1, 2023

“What matters is having a ready means of transacting outside dollar-based systems and institutions in exigent circumstances: to maintain continuity of trade, and to hedge against the policy errors of central bankers.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Eliminating the Debt Ceiling: Is There Anything the 14th Amendment Can’t Do?

– May 23, 2023

“The Biden administration threatens to invoke Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment to sidestep the longstanding federal debt ceiling in a way that would increase the power of the executive branch. ” ~ Robert E. Wright


What if Gold Coins Were Mated With Bank Notes? An Interview with Jeremy Cordon of Goldback

– April 3, 2023

“There is certainly a market for sound money that is hard to serve legally. Yet Cordon has proposed a way to serve that market – at least in an anachronistic sense. But those bought into the promise of cryptocurrencies, might have doubts. Cordon agreed to be interviewed.” ~ Max Borders


Bitcoin vs. Gold: What’s the Difference? (Video)

– October 4, 2022

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, AIER Managing Editor David Waugh and Kate Wand discuss the differences between gold and bitcoin, and how each one might improve upon fiat currencies.” ~ AIER


A Note on the New Russian “Gold Standard”

– April 8, 2022

“Despite the clamor of incorrect headlines, Russia’s embrace of gold amid awful circumstances remains a positive step. Gold is tangentially being utilized to make an existing money more sound.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Are Gold Rubles Gold or Rubles?

– March 7, 2022

“The loss of citizens’ purchasing power over decades was scarcely enough to drive states to introduce monetary reforms. It is not surprising that a newly-cast pariah state is embracing gold in a desperate bid to recapture some semblance of normalcy.” ~ Peter C. Earle


How Societies Save For an Uncertain Future

– August 17, 2021

“This is the problem that all societies have tried to overcome – moving value through time and ensuring our individual livelihood when we’re too old to produce the value that sustains us.” ~ Joakim Book


Ball and Blockchain: Company Marrying Gold to Cryptocurrencies

– September 5, 2017

A company is trying to bring the calming influence of gold to the Wild West frontier of cryptocurrencies