A Path for University Reform

– May 19, 2022

“Reducing bureaucracy saves money and race and ethnicity-blind admissions ends unpopular discrimination. But as importantly, both advance rather than undermine the primary missions of the university, particularly its modeling of epistemic openness.” ~ John O. McGinnis


Rescuing “Virtue and Talents” Amidst the War on Tests

– May 13, 2022

“Perhaps the solution to our current quagmire has been hidden in plain sight the whole time—embrace standards and return to merit-based admissions. MIT gets it and more should follow.” ~ Wenyuan Wu


The Campus of Sacred Feelings

– May 6, 2022

“To feel is easy and convenient, whereas to think (the prerequisite for public discourse) requires strenuous effort while bringing enormous discomfort because the mind will be unsettled.” ~ Habi Zhang


David Theroux: Gentleman, Scholar, Entrepreneur

– May 4, 2022

“David Theroux was a gentleman and a scholar. He founded the Independent Institute where he reached millions through scholarship, commentary, publishing, and media.” ~ Ryan M. Yonk & David Waugh


Senioritis: It’s Not Just for Slackers Anymore

– May 4, 2022

“Senioritis is a rational response to the end-of-period problems students face when future consequences that normally condition, if not virtually dictate, their incentives, are eroded.” ~ Gary M. Galles


Public Education – The Innovation Desert That Leaves a Nation at Risk

– May 2, 2022

“Real progress in the U.S. K-12 system will take broad and aggressive reforms which can only be possible after we break the hold innovation’s enemies have on the education system.” ~ Don Parker


What Universities Owe

– April 27, 2022

“As scholars and teachers, caps on, we are responsible for defending a narrow space for stepping back against demands, often issuing from inside the house, to march forth.” ~ Jonathan Marks


Should We Replace Racial Preferences with Socio-Economic Preferences?

– April 20, 2022

“Preferences of any kind—racial, legacy, athletic, or socio-economic—are a bad idea. College officials should resist the urge to engage in social engineering and just admit students based on their academic ability and eagerness to learn.” ~ George Leef


A Parent’s Guide to Kendi’s Antiracist Baby

– April 17, 2022

“Maybe we should go back to reading liberalism to our children. By liberalism, I mean a cluster of ideas that includes equal freedom, equal treatment under the law, and colorblindness.” ~ Max Borders


Can We Teach the “Federalist Papers” Today?

– April 15, 2022

“The virtues of a bourgeois republic – honesty, compromise, tolerance, and fair-dealing – seem pale in comparison to the demands for social justice here and now.  As a student of mine once said, ‘I need something to help me get up in the morning.’” ~ Steven B. Smith


A Tale of Two Statutes

– April 13, 2022

“In the end, Title IX has always had two faces. Either it is a law with content to be respected, or it is a blank slate whose meaning is in the eye of the beholder.” ~ Elizabeth Kaufer Busch


The Case Against Paying College Athletes

– April 10, 2022

“The conclusion is clear. The NCAA has its reasons for keeping its rules against paying college athletes. These should remain, for the good of fans and college athletes.” ~ Alden Abbott