The Case for Paying College Athletes

– April 9, 2022

“The NCAA is a cartel, and acts like one. The new NIL rules are the start of something fairer and more honest. But it isn’t enough. Players should be paid for the value they create, same as everyone else.” ~ Ryan Young


The Business of Academic Cheating

– March 29, 2022

“There are companies that encourage students to upload their tests and answers to massive document banks. Those companies then sell those tests and assignments back to other students.” ~ Ashley Norris


Oakeshott’s Countercultural Education

– March 26, 2022

“For Oakeshott, liberal education was always an adventure, never a duty or a burden. His insights are essential reading for anyone who desires to preserve and rejuvenate this most important adventure.” ~ Elizabeth Corey


This Is What a Good University President Looks Like

– March 22, 2022

“To me, the top award for American higher education innovation must go to Mitch Daniels, who is just beginning his tenth year as the president of Purdue University.” ~ Richard K. Vedder


The Kids Aren’t Alright

– March 21, 2022

“Maybe we’re all in this together, as the propaganda goes, but we are not equally in this together. Treating children the way government officials did was morally wrong.” ~ Ryan Sullivan & David R. Henderson


How Government Meddling Ruined Higher Education, Part 2

– March 20, 2022

“We must preserve the autonomy of the small number of colleges that don’t take federal money and are not under Washington’s thumb and try to establish new, non-governmental colleges that can offer students true education at lower cost.” ~ George Leef


Cancel Culture Goes to Law School

– March 14, 2022

“Apparently the people in charge are more afraid of offending the BLSA than of losing a court battle. That speaks volumes about the weakness in university leadership these days.” ~ George Leef


A Flawed Report in the Funding Debate

– March 10, 2022

“Not all higher ed dollars are created equal. Idaho’s legislators should create more incentives for the state’s students and colleges to excel instead of simply maintaining the institutional status quo.” ~ Stephen C. Miller & Jason Jewell


Affirmative Action – Help or Hindrance for the Underrepresented?

– March 5, 2022

“Scientists should carefully examine the evidence before announcing their conclusions. If you examine the evidence concerning racial preferences, you have to question whether they don’t do far more harm than good.” ~ George Leef


American Law Schools: Becoming More and More Dysfunctional

– February 27, 2022

“From law school professors to the ABA, the legal profession in this country is actively promoting leftist ideology. This will only further inflame radical law students and eventually undermine the neutrality of the judiciary.” ~ George Leef


Reading: Feeding the Mind and Soul

– February 25, 2022

“DiYanni’s subtitle says it all: ‘A Practical Guide to Reading Well.’ He doesn’t intend these chapters to substitute for great literature itself. DiYanni means, rather, to steer readers in constructive directions.” ~ Allen Mendenhall


Harvard Embraces Police State Hypocrisy

– February 22, 2022

“The supposedly dedicated committed climate change activist will take a 9,100-mile flight from Wellington to Boston. Meanwhile, back in New Zealand, Kiwis continue to come out in droves to protest the Ardern-led self-siege policy.” ~ Jordan Schachtel