Topic: Education

If You Had to Choose Between Affirmative Action and School Choice, Which Would You Choose?

– July 17, 2023

“The opposition to school choice is mostly coming from those who already have more socio-economic success than the kids school choice is intended to help.’ ~ James E. Hanley


The Affirmative Action Game

– July 11, 2023

“The Equal Protection clause is inarguably textually neutral. To interpret equal protection for all as meaning extra protection for some requires some political heavy lifting that a strictly textual argument does not.” ~ James E. Hanley


Is There Any Such Thing as Legislation Anymore?

– July 9, 2023

“With congressional opposition to a legislative approach clear, the Administration decided to work through the Department of Education to use the HEROES Act to accomplish administratively what they had been unable to do legislatively.” ~ Ryan Yonk and Laura Arce


Artificially Stimulated Stupidity

– June 22, 2023

“For most of its existence, humanity has sought to reduce its innate stupidity and ignorance through education, training, and relatively reliable methods of generating and transmitting new information. Lately, all have broken down.” ~ Robert. E. Wright


James Lindsay and a Friendly Point of Criticism

– June 8, 2023

“Marx should be seen as but one—historically salient, to be sure—irresponsible human indulging perennial mentalities and bents that deny modern realities.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Are Historians Politically Biased?

– June 7, 2023

“If there are strong signs of association between a President’s deficit spending and his rank, then we can speak more robustly as to whether historians are letting their political priors bleed into their research.” ~ Vincent Geloso


The Trouble with Politics in Pop Culture

– June 6, 2023

“With massive audiences and considerable influence, these networks and productions are responsible for the misinformation they distribute.” ~ Blake Ball 


Emotions and Climate Change

– May 16, 2023

“Conversations on campus are increasingly radical and will inevitably bleed into the mainstream dialogue. Be ready.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


What Are We For? A Challenge for Classical Liberals in the Academy

– April 24, 2023

“The solution, the way to navigate the rapids downstream of where we are now, is clear, but not easy. It is to refocus on making the moral case for capitalism, on providing a positive, optimistic vision of the world that can be remade.” ~ Michael C. Munger


The University of Washington Tries to Squelch Dissident Professor, Gets Sued

– April 9, 2023

“If university administrators can just pass the cost of lawsuits along to the taxpayers, they will never respect the constitutional rights of faculty who dissent from their ideology.” ~ George Leef


Ga. Reps Slice Possible Lifeline for Kids in Failing Schools

– April 4, 2023

“School choice will continue to be a battle across the nation, because some special interests have been given control over millions of children and billions of dollars, and they won’t give that power up without a fight.” ~ Laura Williams