China’s Digital Currency Has Nothing to do with Bitcoin

– April 6, 2021

“Governments who attempt to create their own crypto now are merely seeking to bathe in the warmth of one of our epoch’s greatest creations even while they eschew everything that made Bitcoin and other tokens so wonderful. The market itself is now in a position to decide. In the long term, the market will choose its friends over its enemies.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker & Peter C. Earle


India’s Impending War on Crypto

– April 3, 2021

“Indian citizens have embraced cryptocurrencies in astonishing numbers, and despite the government’s best efforts to suppress the crypto economy, history would indicate that it’s a futile endeavor. By trying to ban them, the case for cryptocurrencies is made all the more clear, propelling their use and further innovation. The cryptocat is out, irrevocably so, of the bag.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Bitcoin Bros Rediscovering Our Monetary Past

– March 15, 2021

“For all the revolutionary creed that surrounds the emerging monetary commodity that is bitcoin, it seems that its future more and more resembles the past it tried to escape. Happy times for us monetary nerds.” ~ Joakim Book


Bitcoin Continues Steady Mainstream Adoption

– March 10, 2021

“At the moment, the idea of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology is still emerging technology but at one point they were considered fringe. Their increasing adoption not only lends support for the ongoing rise of Bitcoin’s value but demonstrates an interesting inflection point for financial affairs.” ~ Ethan Yang


Mastercard’s Crypto Ruse

– March 3, 2021

“With more corporate powerhouses supporting cryptocurrencies by the month, it appears that crypto is here to stay. Whether those cryptos are the ones currently popular or this announcement by Mastercard acts to initiate a path dependent development process is presently unknown and unknowable. Other recent initiatives by the massive processing firm suggest a focus that may thwart, rather than promote, the expansion of genuine, public cryptocurrency use.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Escape Hatches: Migration, Bitcoin, and the Ability to Get Out

– February 27, 2021

“Keep more mobile assets; have larger buffers, financial and physical; instead of a large house in a nice suburb, perhaps aim for a smaller home coupled with a condo or house in a different jurisdiction? Don’t put all your financial eggs in one portfolio – keep some gold and some bitcoin; keep healthy; update your survivability skills. Ensure that your escape hatches remain open.” ~ Joakim Book


The Utter Futility of a Bitcoin Ban

– February 26, 2021

“Throughout history, governments have identified emerging threats and sought to eliminate them through heavy-handed bans, or regulations so stringent that they are effectively bans themselves. But the only thing that is guaranteed through these actions is certainly not the eradication of the ‘undesirable’ product or behavior––it’s the human tendency to find new and innovative workarounds in the face of obstacles.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Accountants Have Learned To Live With Crypto

– February 19, 2021

“Accounting professionals need to learn to live and work with crypto, and standard setters need to be proactive in the creation of crypto-specific standards. Applying standards developed for the 20th century economy to 21st crypto assets is already causing issues, and should be rectified to avoid wider market disruptions.” ~ Sean Stein Smith


A Currency that Rises in Value Will Change Everything

– February 12, 2021

“Maybe widespread ownership and use of Bitcoin and other cryptos can make a cultural and economic contribution to converting us from profligate to thrifty in the way our great-great grandparents could celebrate. After all, it was they, and the gold standard under which they lived, that set us on the course to building a modern and prosperous way of life that inflationary paper currency has done so much to reverse.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


Tesla’s Bitcoin Purchase Is the Start of a Bullish Monetary Future

– February 10, 2021

“The bullish future that Tesla seems to be helping to usher in is one of private monies replacing government money, of individuals asking for compensation in money they trust over money that governments haven’t always overseen in trustworthy fashion. Elon Musk is helping to bring the future into the present. We’ll all be better off as a result.” ~ John Tamny


Algorithmic Stablecoins

– February 1, 2021

“Efforts to create stability without collateral are ambitious. The evidence that Empty Set Dollar and Dynamic Set Dollar have provided over the last few months suggests they are too ambitious. An algorithmic stablecoin only works so long as its users’ self-referential beliefs persist.” ~ J.P. Koning


Exit the Bond Vigilantes, Enter the Crypto Vigilantes

– January 21, 2021

“With the heightened pace and expanded scope of economic intervention over the last ten or fifteen years, the avenues through which markets can respond to government policies have been blunted. But fortunately for the genius of Satoshi Nakamoto, where the bond vigilantes once stood––and may someday return––now stand the crypto vigilantes.” ~ Peter C. Earle