Topic: Young Voices

Trade-offs: The Ugly Truths of School Finance 

– November 3, 2023

“Perhaps expanding school choice could encourage districts to set their house in order. Maybe a renewed focus on financial accountability could help stem the tide of nonsense.” ~Garion Frankel


Academics Make Lousy Leaders

– October 31, 2023

“Academics, despite having an immense amount of knowledge on particular issues, are unable to convert that knowledge into effective politicking.” ~Joseph Bouchard


Scapegoating Inflation Will Only Make It Worse

– February 11, 2022

“For the sake of the economy and your grocery bills, let’s hope the administration’s threats of antitrust and price controls are not serious. If the administration really wants to tackle inflation, it needs the Fed to rein in its reckless monetary policy. ~ Kat Dwyer


Three Signs You’re Not Actually a Socialist

– December 27, 2021

“You may not find yourself worshiping at the altar of capitalism, but if you like iPhones, comparison shopping, and merit-based pay, you’re probably not a socialist.” ~ Albert Eisenberg


Woke Universities are Rousseau’s Children

– December 6, 2021

“In their furious effort to dictate what speech is and is not acceptable, universities like Michigan and Oklahoma have embraced Rousseau’s censorship, and therefore tyranny.” ~ Garion Frankel


New Senate Antitrust Proposal Empowers Radical Bureaucratic Overreach

– November 30, 2021

“To protect our free markets, we should not be giving government overreach that much more of a chance to succeed. That’s simply falling into the pro-government trap.” ~ Kir Nuthi


Angry about Unspent K-12 Education Funds? Support ESAs.

– September 17, 2021

“If you’re angry about these ludicrous spending bills, the time to demand another option is now, and it all starts with schools. We’re in a mess, but ESAs could help guide us out.” ~ Garion Frankel