Topic: Property Rights

I Fought the Google, and the Google Won

– December 16, 2023

“The plaintiffs were all taxpayers in NC, but we had no actual say about how those payments taken from us were to be spent, even if the spending violated the Constitution of the state.” ~Michael Munger


Resistance to Revitalization? When Neighborhoods Change but Regulations Don’t

– December 15, 2023

“The amount of red tape and regulation, fees and form-filling that government has wrapped around simple collaboration isn’t just irritating and expensive. On a deep level, it’s inhuman.” ~Laura Williams


What Might Have Been

– December 3, 2023

“Wasteful uses of resources necessarily result in some economic opportunities that are possible being rendered impossible. What were these foregone opportunities?” ~Donald J. Boudreaux


How Can We Stop Serving Students So Poorly?

– November 20, 2023

“Efforts to improve things with charter schools have shown some great results, and vouchers are attractive as a means to make educators more responsible to parents than to administrators. But we are still in the early stages of a very long struggle.” ~Gary M. Galles


Neither Democracy Nor “Union Democracy” are Ideals 

– November 5, 2023

“‘Democratically’ violating people’s rights is the default setting for legislation and regulation today, rather than the rare exception.” ~Gary Galles


Mound Bayou: Guns, Civil Rights, Free Speech and The Emmett Till Murder

– October 24, 2023

“During the trial of Till’s murderers, Dr. T.R.M. Howard’s Mound Bayou home became a ‘black command center’ for witnesses and journalists.” ~David T. Beito


Curtailing Violence with Economic Freedom

– October 19, 2023

“Allow individuals to build it and make clear that they cannot force others to build it for them, and they will build it. And, most likely, they will not want to blow it up.” ~Robert E. Wright


Mound Bayou Takes the Lead in the Modern Civil Rights Movement

– October 16, 2023

“Visitors often got their first exposure to a Southern town where members of their race voted, held office, enforced the laws, spoke freely, and walked through the front door. Their day-to-day experiences in Mound Bayou were an inspiration for changing their own communities.” ~David T. Beito


Abolish Parking Minimums. Yes, All of Them

– October 15, 2023

“Zoning codes require parking based on rough estimates of demand for ‘free’ parking at the time of development, ignoring how subsequent economic changes could affect demand.” ~Jason Sorens


Do I Own What Is Mine? 

– October 10, 2023

“We should rethink the deference we give what may be the shortest, but not the least damaging weasel word in common usage today.” ~Gary M. Galles


The FTC’s Case Against Amazon is a Case Against American Consumers

– October 9, 2023

“Even in an era of inflation, digital markets have had profoundly deflationary effects. Disassembling Amazon’s business model would almost surely dampen this trend.” ~David McGarry


New Studies Show How Business Taxes Hurt Average Americans

– October 7, 2023

“Congress’s new tax increases on business couldn’t come at a worse time: right when business is still recovering from the supply-chain shocks of the pandemic and wages fail to keep pace with inflation.” ~Jason Sorens