Topic: Property Rights

The Zoning Laws Cometh For Dollar General

– June 23, 2023

“Rather than allowing their friends, neighbors, and the broader community to use their wallets to decide who can sell laundry detergent and tacky lawn decor, they have taken it upon themselves to decide on the community’s behalf.” ~ Lauren Frazier


A Four Point Plan for Every City

– June 21, 2023

“If you agree that local politics should be about protecting others’ liberty to become the people they want to become rather than giving you the tools to turn them into the people you want them to become, what should your city do?” ~ Art Carden


Politics as Self-Interest: Housing Is the Exception That Proves the Rule 

– June 9, 2023

“The costs of NIMBYism hit renters, landowners, employers, and future generations hard. But of those groups, only landowners have the direct incentive to show up to support projects being built on their own land. ” ~ Jason Sorens


Wealth Taxes: The Tale of “Tuh”

– June 5, 2023

“Wealth taxes are premised on the idea that since security services make wealth more valuable, the wealthy have to pay a share of the value ‘created’ by the state. But that’s ridiculous.”


Eliminating the Debt Ceiling: Is There Anything the 14th Amendment Can’t Do?

– May 23, 2023

“The Biden administration threatens to invoke Section 4 of the Fourteenth Amendment to sidestep the longstanding federal debt ceiling in a way that would increase the power of the executive branch. ” ~ Robert E. Wright


All Housing is Still Affordable Housing: “Seen and Unseen” Edition

– May 21, 2023

“The unseen cause of gentrification is the knee-jerk NIMBYism of affluent leftist neighborhood associations. And that causes the elimination of almost all affordable housing in the city, quickly.” ~ Michael Munger


Without Economic Freedom, None of the Others Matter

– May 19, 2023

“Forbidding entrepreneurial ventures that have not been granted prior approval and design review by unelected officials is, practically speaking, state ownership of the means of production.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


The Economics of Mending Wall

– January 12, 2023

“Robert Frost’s masterful poem gives economists and students many opportunities to learn about property rights, self-governance, and peaceful cooperation.” ~ Byron B. Carson


Innocence Doesn’t Matter When the Government Wants to Steal Your Money

– January 11, 2023

“If we truly believe that Americans should be considered innocent until proven guilty, not guilty until proven innocent, then we need to end the scourge of civil asset forfeiture entirely.” ~ Joe Setyon


Seth Rogen’s Car

– December 31, 2021

“Don’t let people like Rogen get away with saying, ‘It’s called ‘living in a big city.’ It’s not. It’s about defining what kinds of victimization you’re comfortable seeing others go through.” ~ Lou Perez