Fawning Over Fauci

– August 24, 2021

“The lack of any serious investigation into Anthony Fauci is an object lesson in groupthink and the ‘gated institutional narrative. Though it might mean sacrificing short-term gains, journalists who do their jobs will be rewarded in the long run.'” ~ Max Borders


Who Fact Checks the Fact Checkers? A Report on Media Censorship

– August 11, 2021

“When we see fact checkers like NewsGuard, who not only fail to uphold their high-sounding principles but even publicly encourage working with the government to suppress speech, we should raise red flags.” ~ Phillip W. Magness & Ethan Yang


Government Action and Private Unions

– August 4, 2021

“The Supreme Court should directly address exclusive representation in both private and government employment. It may agree to hear such arguments in some appropriate future case.” ~ Charles W. Baird


Will More Media Bias Save Democracy?

– July 31, 2021

“Washington Post media columnist Margaret Sullivan is urging journalists to become openly biased. Sullivan claims this is necessary to save democracy. But most Washington reporters have more affection for Leviathan than for liberty or democracy.” ~ James Bovard


CNN’s Death Toll

– July 30, 2021

“Throughout the pandemic, CNN and certain other cable news networks deliberately induced panic in order to boost their ratings and the CDC recently revealed that anxiety is the second most important contributing factor to death from/with Covid. Mass media pundits may have been as deadly as Masses or mass meetings.” ~ Robert E. Wright


A Conversation On Post-Pandemic Economic Recovery

– June 17, 2021

“Dr. Darcy W.E. Allen, a vocal proponent of innovative digital technologies and the economics of blockchain, joins Ethan Yang for another rigorous discussion about his new book ‘Unfreeze: How to Create a High Growth Economy After the Pandemic and more.'” ~ AIER



– May 27, 2021

“Many Americans once believed government officials unless/until they had good reason to doubt them but increasingly they disbelieve officials unless/until they have reason to believe them. Maybe that is a good thing as it will eventually induce Americans to ask why they continue to pay the salaries of people they cannot implicitly trust to do their respective jobs.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Liberals Turning Against the Lockdown Left

– May 14, 2021

“The left, including the U.S. mainstream media, has always pushed a hysterical approach to both Covid spread and severity. But chinks in the armor are now appearing as it becomes clear that many want a permanent Covidocracy – lockdown forever and ever, amen.” ~ Michael Fumento


What Johan Giesecke Missed

– April 23, 2021

“I watched last week’s interview with Johan Giesecke and Freddie Sayers with interest — it is still a rare thing to see a conversation about Covid devoid of the usual agenda. However, I felt that there were some important issues missed by my fellow Swede and epidemiological colleague.” ~ Dr. Martin Kulldorff


Playing Fast and Loose with Numbers

– April 22, 2021

“Journalists keep talking about a future without ice, about ice-free summers in the Arctic, and casually throwing in ‘sea level rise if x were to melt completely’ as if x was in any danger of melting away entirely over anything but geological time frames. This places the completely wrong ideas in their readers’ heads and gravely misinforms the public about the world. Doctors abide by the ‘First, do no harm’ promise. Maybe journalists should too.” ~ Joakim Book


The Lockdowners Have Their Own Conspiracy Theories

– April 2, 2021

“With Gurdasani stressing that she was keen to avoid future lockdowns – a ‘strawman’ in her own words – as late as October 26th, one begins to wonder how she could have supported the very same ‘strawman’ over a month earlier on September 20th, the date on which the dissenting scientists allegedly wrested control of the UK’s pandemic response. Perhaps the lockdowners’ latest conspiracy theory has another as of yet undisclosed twist to it, this one involving a time machine.” ~ Phillip W. Magness


The Business Economics of The Office

– March 24, 2021

“Though The Office may offer a somewhat exaggerated account of entrepreneurial alertness, economic calculation, and the vagaries of corporate management, the broader strokes of its characters’ endeavors are informative. Namely, these are concepts that lie in the pages of economics and business textbooks, accompanied by graphs that make the layman’s head turn. Yet, viewed through the lens of Dunder Mifflin’s trials and tribulations, these concepts become accessible––even subconsciously.” ~ Peter C Earle & Amelia Janaskie