Topic: Media

The Nostalgic Genius of Stranger Things

– July 28, 2022

“The Duffer Brothers used nostalgia to shift the rules of our exhausted contemporary discourse, slipping free from some of the constraints that have straightjacketed so much of our cultural life in recent years.” ~ Rachel Lu


A Cooler Assessment of Heatwave Deaths

– July 26, 2022

“Chasing after sensational headlines predicting doom and gloom do us a disservice. It hides the progress we have made historically and prevents us from using this history to guide public discussions.” ~ Vincent Geloso


This Old House Testifies to the Marvels of the Market Economy

– June 14, 2022

“It’s impossible to convey in words the amount of specialized knowledge, as well as the amazingness of modern building materials and tools, that are routinely, and entertainingly displayed in each and every episode of This Old House.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Samuel Gregg Joins AIER to Lead Initiative Defending Freedom, Combatting Collectivism

– May 26, 2022

“As part of his new role as Distinguished Fellow in Political Economy and a Senior Research Faculty member, Dr. Gregg will be expanding AIER’s research initiatives in both scholarly and popular venues.” ~ AIER


FDA Prevents Local Vape Businesses from Helping Smokers Quit

– May 26, 2022

“The FDA and activist groups like the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids are obsessed with preventing teen vaping. This results in an ‘abstinence’ message that’s almost certain to fail, backed up by regulations to make access to vaping more difficult for the smoker trying to switch.” ~ Michael Graham


The Return of Gonzo Journalism

– May 25, 2022

“It’s harder and harder to find good reporting, as the media is increasingly concerned with advancing a particular narrative, without concern for objectivity. Understanding it as gonzo journalism provides a helpful heuristic.” ~ Nikolai G. Wenzel


When Should the Federal Reserve Have Moved on Inflation?

– May 12, 2022

“Last month, I joined Caleb Brown on the Cato Daily Podcast. We discussed how inflation—and our understanding of inflation—evolved over the last year, when the Fed should have moved on inflation, and how much grace the Fed deserves when we evaluate its monumental miss.” ~ William J. Luther


Twitter: The Tale of the Tape

– May 11, 2022

“These times of polarization pose real challenges to mass marketers. Companies such as Twitter and Disney offend the sensibilities of the mass market at their own peril. And their recent stock prices suggest they could do better.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


This Tweet Contains Speech. Click Here to Learn More.

– May 10, 2022

“Twitter users who have grown accustomed to surrendering their critical thinking to warning labels placed on others’ Tweets may need a period of adjustment. A new batch of pro-free-speech labels might just do the trick.” ~ Jon Sanders


If You’re Focused On Amazon’s Competition, You’re Missing the Future

– April 5, 2022

“We despise dominance to our everlasting detriment. Commercial dominance in the present is the surest sign of future progress. This truth was plainly alluded to by Frontline’s producers, but not grasped.” ~ John Tamny


Old Oil Ads Were Reasonable on Climate Change

– April 1, 2022

“An impartial reading of them reveals rational commentary on the knowns and unknowns of energy and climate. The ads are hardly controversial.” ~ Robert L. Bradley Jr. & Richard Fulmer


A Reader’s Guide to Newspeak 2022

– March 25, 2022

“To master the Newspeak of 2022, you must subsume yourself within the collective. You must reject ‘oldthink’ and the ‘kind of trash’ that advocates individual rights.” ~ Caroline Breashears