Newsweek Discovers Black Conservatives

– March 6, 2022

“Conservatives honor their heritage, but when they look in the mirror they see a person, not a black person or a white person. But how does this work when you’re the only black person in a group?” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Discovering Masculinity in a Woke World

– March 2, 2022

“The White Lotus, a new HBO series, throws bright sunlight on the dark mores of America’s elite. In the show, a debased, solitary, fake masculinity is transformed into one rooted in friendship forged by shared undertaking.” ~ Natalie Taylor


D.C.’s “Best Information Available” Charade

– February 19, 2022

“Americans need their own ‘best information available’ axiom to automatically reject assertions from media outlets that shamelessly kowtow to politicians and government agencies.” ~ James Bovard


Science Kardashians vs. The Great Barrington Declaration

– February 15, 2022

“The ‘Science Kardashians’ behind the John Snow Memorandum used their social media influence to promote attacks on the Great Barrington Declaration. These charges were picked up by major media outlets, which contributed to the Declaration’s being painted as ‘fringe.'” ~ David Waugh & James R. Harrigan


Echoes of the Vietnam War: Journalists Begin To Take a Stand

– January 19, 2022

“You can’t give the lie the same credence as the truth or you will hide in false equivalence and fail the public. Even journalists I know who are socially and politically conservative are signing on to the idea that they must take a stand for the truth.” ~ Llewellyn King


Are Last-Mile Solution Scooters Safe?

– January 17, 2022

“We all know it’s impossible in life to be sure that anything is perfectly safe and there’s nothing wrong with assuming the risk of certain activities when we understand what we’re getting into.” ~ Aron Solomon


Spielberg’s West Side Story Doubles Down on Tragedy of Prejudice

– January 13, 2022

“The emphasis remains on the tragic consequences of failing to recognize and honor individuals for who they are, the soul-tearing nature of violence to resolve disputes, and the need to promote more honest and sincere dialogue to promote understanding and peace.” ~ Samuel R. Staley


Rise of the Jacobins: America’s Socialists Want Your Help

– January 13, 2022

“The idea that socialism, other than various forms of voluntary communities in which people choose material privation and seek agreed equality, is the answer to anything runs against human experience.” ~ Doug Bandow


Arizona Republic Report Leaves Out Important Details and Context On Universal Licensing

– January 10, 2022

“Arizona ignited a national trend in breaking down barriers to people of all backgrounds seeking to make an honest living while expanding options and choice for consumers. Universal licensing reform has bipartisan appeal.” ~ Jeffrey A. Singer


Some Frustrating Economics in the Wall Street Journal

– January 6, 2022

“The Journal is usually a bastion of sound economics. Alas, nobody bats 1.000. If we want an economic ‘return to normalcy,’ we have to get these basics right.” ~ Alexander William Salter


Pollster Scott Rasmussen Says Democrats Are Getting Demographics All Wrong

– January 5, 2022

“One of America’s leading national pollsters, Scott Rasmussen, says most Americans have higher priorities than politics. And he says partisan thinking about race, particularly among Democrats, hasn’t kept up with demographic realities.” ~ Marc Ang


Encountering Thomas Sowell

– January 3, 2022

“If we are lucky, this documentary and Riley’s biography will be part of the necessary and overdue work of rectifying the oversight. I suppose I owe my aunt an apology.” ~ Thomas Chatterton Williams