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A Primer for the Media on Viruses, Vaccines, and Covid-19

– September 25, 2020

“After retiring, I had hoped that I was ‘riding off into the sunset’ as far as my career was concerned. But,as a scientist, with expertise in infectious diseases, PPE, antiviral medicines, vaccines, etc., this year thrust me back into thinking mode, instinctively at first. But, I soon discovered that we were in trouble, not from the virus but from ourselves.” ~ Roger W. Koops

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Do New York Times Headline Writers Believe Their Headlines?

– September 25, 2020

“The New York Times might think about this as it publishes alarmist headlines that obscure actual truths reported within the paper. It’s sad when we lose our grandparents and old people more broadly, but it’s tragic to read of people starving, and heart-wrenching to contemplate formerly productive workers sitting, waiting for customers; increasingly aware that what puts a roof over their heads will no longer. Proportion New York Times, proportion.” ~ John Tamny

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News You Can’t Abuse

– September 22, 2020

“A news outlet that posted a bond with a third party that would be forfeited if it insisted on publishing anything factually wrong, or crossed the line between journalism and punditry, could create the sort of trust that people once had in the New York Times and other papers of record, all of which essentially posted informal bonds backed by their reputations and expected future profitability.” ~ Robert E. Wright


In a War on Restaurants, Media Tout the Lockdown Narrative

– September 13, 2020

“Lockdowns have become a conclusion in a desperate search for evidence. This is precisely where we’ve been for six solid months now. The media has become the handmaiden of lockdown tyranny, blasting out simplistic versions of sketchy studies to keep the panic going as long as possible.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker


What Good Comes from this Tragedy?

– July 6, 2020

“I suspect that many intelligent people have lost faith in the news, re-discovered frugality, and found a new way to commit themselves to the defense of liberty and human rights. In the coming days, we are going to need stronger and smarter minds to fight the battles of the future. These terrible months might have been the preparation we need to make sure that truth and freedom eventually prevail.” ~ Jeffrey Tucker