What if New Coke Had Been a Government Program?

– December 23, 2022

“Would our lives be better were land, labor, and capital still tied up making New Coke and Crystal Pepsi? People have voted pretty overwhelmingly and answered ‘no.'” ~ Art Carden


On the Need to Theorize Carefully

– December 22, 2022

“Theorizing usefully about trade and other economic phenomena isn’t especially difficult, but doing so does indeed require care, wisdom, and humility.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Progressives Love Suppressing Votes–But Not the Way You Think

– December 21, 2022

“Suppressing people’s votes in the marketplace for the benefit of those who think themselves entitled to a comfortable life at another’s expense, or for those who really know what is good for other people, does not help the suppressed voters.” ~ Art Carden


Not Enough Pizza

– December 20, 2022

“It’s hard not to be sad about the passing of old, personalistic cultural tropes. But entrepreneurs exploiting microphone technologies on digital platforms are going to wipe out most of them. And it’s just as well, because we could never make that much pizza.” ~ Michael C. Munger


America’s at a Crossroads: Liberty or State Control? | Samuel Gregg & Kate Wand (Video)

– December 19, 2022

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand sat down with Samuel Gregg, Distinguished Fellow in Political Economy and Senior Research Faculty at the American Institute for Economic Research, to discuss how to repair what’s broken with the American economy.” ~ AIER


Reputation Works Better Than Regulation: Why Demand Should Determine Prices

– December 19, 2022

“As consumers, we must remember that in a market-based system, consumers determine what is of value, what is demanded, and what is consumed. To maintain such authority, we would be wise to use our wallets, rather than Washington cronies, to curtail costs.” ~ Kimberlee Josephson


Overcoming Challenges to Economic Freedom in States

– December 18, 2022

“Until states decide to impose a strict spending limit based on a maximum rate of population growth plus inflation, cut and eliminate burdensome taxes, and scrap burdensome regulations, economic freedom will continue to collapse.” ~ Vance Ginn


The Many Ways Bad Policy Worsens Your Daily Commute

– December 17, 2022

“Removing sand from the country’s collective transportation gears will also require more imaginative solutions such as congestion pricing, privatization, zoning reforms, and transportation options beyond cars.” ~ Colin Grabow


Communicating Economics to Young People

– December 15, 2022

“Among the most satisfying of my professional duties as an economics educator is communicating, mostly by email, with students from around the country, and sometimes from abroad, about economics and liberalism.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Economic Freedom Matters for Intergenerational Income Mobility

– December 12, 2022

“The underappreciated role of economic freedom and institutions in the determination of intergenerational income mobility is probably one of the most problematic omissions of the literature on income mobility. ” ~ Vincent Geloso


Do Our Roads Have to be Built by Government?

– December 10, 2022

“Roads don’t have to be built by government, and we would be better off if we had left it to private enterprise and voluntary cooperation.” ~ George Leef


Henry Clay’s “American System” Is Bad News for the American Economy

– December 8, 2022

“The American System’s modern rehabilitators conveniently leave out the fact that every time it was tried in the 19th and early 20th centuries, Clay’s program unleashed a torrent of preventable policy disasters.” ~ Phillip W. Magness & James R. Harrigan