When Does a Job Become a Job?

– November 19, 2021

“A vibrant citizenry capable of resisting tyranny starts with the realization that the definitive guidelines given to us by government are actually quite arbitrary. We must constantly question the bright line boundaries that surround us.” ~ Anthony Gill


Once Again, There’s No Such Thing as Market Fundamentalism

– November 18, 2021

“I prefer to stick with Leonard Read and complete economic liberty. That is not because I have ‘faith’ in the market. When faced with that criticism once, the great economist Thomas Sowell rightly responded, ‘I don’t have faith in the market; I have evidence about the market.'” ~ George Leef


What’s Become of the Overton Window?

– November 17, 2021

“Shifting the Overton window upward toward more individual freedom should be the goal of liberty lovers as it would offer policy choices that infringe on individual freedom no more than absolutely necessary to achieve the goals spelled out in the US Constitution’s Preamble.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Thoughts on Democratic Choice

– November 16, 2021

“Freedom of choice is wonderful, and democracy – properly understood and constrained – can be a blessing. But democracy becomes a heinous curse when its ethos is reduced to nothing more than the belief that the majority is free to choose whatever it fancies.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The Stories from a Decentralized Short Squeeze

– November 15, 2021

“Millions were made, billions lost, revenge realized and dreams shattered. The GameStop saga is both disturbing for what it reveals about a society’s divides and the market structure that made it possible.” ~ Joakim Book


The Use of Incentives in Crypto

– November 13, 2021

“Unlike nation states or oligopolistic markets (think utilities, telecommunications or social media) where the costs of consumers/producers exiting are high, or where exit options are scarce, the bulwarks against predatory governance are far weaker.” ~ Donovan Choy


How the Consumer Will Become a Partner on the Electric Grid

– November 12, 2021

“We, the consumers, will be partners in the electric future, managing our own uses and supporting the grid with our electric cars and trucks. That is Mansoor’s achievable vision.” ~ Llewellyn King


Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Economics Classroom

– November 9, 2021

“Critics worry that DEI initiatives will lead to watered down, therapeutic curricula, but the DEI push is a great time for economics (and economists!) to shine in the classroom with hard-headed but soft-hearted analysis.” ~ Art Carden


Government Jobs for All?

– November 8, 2021

“Production requires real work, not government make-work jobs. By diverting millions out of productive private sector jobs, the MMT jobs guarantee seems guaranteed to impoverish America.” ~ Daniel J. Sutter


J&J Isn’t the Bad Guy in the Talcum Tort Transfer

– November 8, 2021

“The HHS National Toxicology Program doesn’t list talc as a cause of human cancer. The Cancer Council of Western Australia goes so far as to call any link between talc and cancer, and specifically talc and ovarian cancer, ‘a myth.'” ~ Michael Fumento


Was Keynes Right on Short Work Weeks?

– November 7, 2021

“When one takes the time to consider the multiple dimensions of what constitutes human well-being just as Crafts did, it is hard not to engage in hyperboles such as ‘We are infinitely better off than our close ancestors.'” ~ Vincent Geloso


An Open Letter to a Candidate for Political Office

– November 5, 2021

“We can always use another genuine entrepreneur. You are rightly proud of being one. Please, stick to being an entrepreneur. Only then will you truly help not only your fellow Californians in the 42nd district, but the whole of humanity.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux