Who is “Accountable” to Whom?

– January 17, 2023

“When people talk about ‘holding corporations accountable,’ they usually mean ‘accountable to observers with no serious stake in what they are doing and who bear no meaningful personal cost if their calls for accountability are misplaced.'” ~ Art Carden


Evidence that Economic Freedom Improves Outcomes

– January 16, 2023

“The four most recent decades of evidence support the claim that Thomas Jefferson made twenty-two decades ago: societies achieve the best outcomes when their governments prevent people from harming each other, but otherwise leave them alone.” ~ Antony Davies


Myth America: Our Facts are the Real Facts. Trust Us.

– January 11, 2023

“If history is not a debate about the facts, then it is not history. When you see your opponents’ views as all lies, myths, and legends, it might say more about the way you engage your opposition than the content of their arguments.” ~ Michael J. Douma


Embrace Dynamism: The Future and Its Enemies at 25

– January 10, 2023

“The Future and Its Enemies is a well-written, lucid argument for decentralized progress and the intellectual, political, and commercial liberty that makes it possible.” ~ Art Carden


Wage and Price Controls Are Not the Answer to Inflation

– January 10, 2023

“If the US imposed economy-wide price controls, as Krugman proposes, it would not stop inflation, just as the Emperor Diocletian’s economy-wide controls did not stop Roman inflation and just as the 1970s economy-wide controls did not stop US inflation.” ~ Raymond C. Niles


Why Don’t You Go Somewhere Else?

– January 6, 2023

“As an entreaty from an employer to a worker, ‘Why don’t you go somewhere else?’ deserves more respect. In many areas of our lives, to exit (to other opportunities) is often a more effective mechanism than to negotiate (talking others into adopting your point of view).” ~ Gary M. Galles


What Deeper Lessons Can We Learn From Southwest Airlines’ Meltdown?

– January 4, 2023

“The lesson of Southwest Airlines’ debacle is not that it was ‘dumb’ or ‘shortsighted.’ Rather, it should make all of us think more deeply about the opportunity costs and benefits of small, or marginal changes in this efficiency-resiliency tradeoff.” ~ Craig J. Richardson


Pilot Shortage: A Story of Stalled Supply and Rising Demand

– January 1, 2023

“Overzealous regulation of pilot credentialing (by Congress, rather than carriers, insurers, or other stakeholders) have ensured the budget-conscious and the small-town traveler will both be getting a lot less service from airlines.” ~ Laura Williams


Free-Market Capitalism is the Next American Economy

– December 30, 2022

“Only by learning our unique history, and grasping the principles of free-market economics free from burdensome interference, can Americans embark on the next American economy.” ~ Vance Ginn


Spare a Thought for Bubble Wrap

– December 29, 2022

“Only a very wealthy society can afford to devote so much human ingenuity and effort to the careful production of packaging materials that are promptly discarded, in most cases, without a thought after a single use.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Every Flaw in Consumers is Worse in Voters, Part Deux

– December 27, 2022

“A ‘good’ industrial policy is impossible in a democracy. Progressives who want industrial policies don’t have that position only because they mistrust markets. Progressives mistrust democracy, and always have.” ~ Michael C. Munger


Holidays of Luxury

– December 25, 2022

“Market economies fuel incredible prosperity and the holidays provide useful examples of how we are better off today than a few decades ago. Consider the Christmas gifts and decor of years past, once deemed luxuries, now everyday goods.” ~ Laura Williams & David Waugh