Topic: Monetary Policy

What Did the Fed Know in the Great Recession?

– February 2, 2022

“The Fed’s poor forecasting record should make us skeptical of its ability to effectively manage the money supply in times of economic turmoil. It would be prudent to consider structural reforms that might improve FOMC’s decision-making process.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Greedy Corporations and Inflation

– January 29, 2022

“Only a monetary policy geared to reduce inflation will be effective in reducing inflation. This is as true now as when the Federal Reserve lowered inflation in the early 1980s.” ~ Gerald P. Dwyer


The Year of the Strong Dollar

– January 27, 2022

“The urgency to correct the country’s large public finances is likely to be heightened by a further widening in the trade deficit in 2022 as the consequence of a stronger dollar and the relative strength of the U.S. economy.” ~ Desmond Lachman


Don’t Look Up: The Allegory We’ve Been Waiting For

– January 24, 2022

“McKay’s dark satire about the inability to warn most people of impending danger before it’s too late should resonate with all who strive for sound money, fiscal sobriety, personal responsibility, and limited government.” ~ Peter C. Earle


The Money Illusion: A Review

– January 21, 2022

“‘Nothing is as it seems in the world of money,’ Sumner concludes, and worse so as of late. In his grand attempt at rectifying the many blunders in understanding the Great Recession, there’s something for everyone to learn.” ~ Joakim Book


Does Monetary Policy Matter?

– January 13, 2022

“The Fed’s actual performance has not been ideal. Its monetary policy mistakes have had dire consequences for ordinary Americans and the US economy. Those mistakes make it clear that monetary policy matters.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Forecasting Prices from FOMC Projections

– January 8, 2022

“While the period of time over which the Fed is committed to averaging inflation is not explicit, one might have reasonably expected it to ultimately offset the high inflation associated with the pandemic. Alas, that no longer appears to be the case.” ~ William J. Luther


Three Principles for Monetary Institutions: Review of Money and the Rule of Law

– January 7, 2022

“Money and the Rule of Law questions a lot of things we usually take for granted in the discussion of monetary policy, and makes the case for generality, predictability, and robustness created by strict monetary rules.” ~ Art Carden


Some Frustrating Economics in the Wall Street Journal

– January 6, 2022

“The Journal is usually a bastion of sound economics. Alas, nobody bats 1.000. If we want an economic ‘return to normalcy,’ we have to get these basics right.” ~ Alexander William Salter


The Impact of Higher Inflation on US Asset Class Returns

– January 4, 2022

“If the Fed is to be a mere BoJ copycat, does that mean that it can keep US equities artificially elevated by a perpetually low policy rate? No more than the BoJ has been able to do for Japanese equities.” ~ Richard M. Salsman


The Fed’s Higher Fed Funds Rate Projections Mean What?

– December 29, 2021

“It is rarely prudent to assume that a central bank’s central planners can predict the future better than you can, or that they really know what they are doing and why.” ~ Alan Reynolds


Paul Volcker, the Fed, and ‘Tight Credit.’ The Myth That Won’t Die.

– December 27, 2021

“It’s no surprise that economic types want to believe all good things run through central planners, but readers of political and economic commentary would be wise to be skeptical. The Fed’s power is well overstated.” ~ John Tamny