Topic: History

The Not-So-Great Depression Diet

– February 6, 2023

“It’s a stretch to blame today’s obesity crisis on America’s second Great Reset – the vast legal and socioeconomic changes ushered in by the Depression, New Deal, and World War II – but it certainly started Americans down the wrong dietary path.” ~ Robert E. Wright


The Age of Decline

– February 6, 2023

“We enter the Age of Decline and find ourselves victims of our own success. History tells us that impoverished societies die by war and famine. Now we are learning that prosperous societies die by attrition.” ~ Antony Davies


1619 Project: A Flawed Interpretation With a Hidden Agenda (Video)

– February 5, 2023

“In this episode of Liberty Curious, Kate Wand and AIER Research and Education Director Phillip W. Magness highlight the historical flaws of the 1619 project, and explore why it excludes abolitionists like Frederick Douglass.” ~ AIER


The 1519 Project: An Antidote to Caricature?

– February 1, 2023

“To suggest that the experience of slavery is a uniquely Black, or uniquely North American phenomenon does a great injustice to the Blacks and other North Americans who came before 1619.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


Garet Garrett, the Great

– January 30, 2023

“We could easily consider his first name an anagram for what his stance against the New Deal was, g-r-e-a-t, while also recognizing that some of his views resemble a dusty old attic.” ~ Robert E. Wright


But Who Will Build the Roads: A Parable

– January 27, 2023

“Maybe, others one day will join the call once they hear how much cash could be recouped and costs and delays avoided by returning to the path once heavily traveled, the one where travelers, not Leviathan, decide how best to travel hither and thither.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Obstacles to Freedom Can Be the Way to Freedom

– January 26, 2023

“If we set our purpose to learn from obstacles, today, there is no better opportunity to choose freedom over violence. Thankfully, Read, Aurelius, and Emerson point the way; the more significant the obstacles, the greater the potential change.” ~ Barry Brownstein


On the Primacy of the Consumer-Welfare Standard

– January 21, 2023

“Production is a means; consumption is the end. The consumer-welfare standard is nothing more, nor less, than an understanding and acceptance of this fundamental economic reality.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


The Power to Regulate Is the Power to Control

– January 19, 2023

“The ‘chilling effect’ of government censorship by corporate proxy has Americans on an icy slope that bottoms out in the sort of political slavery feared by the Founders and Framers.” ~ Robert E. Wright


After the Speakership Fight: What Now in the House?

– January 16, 2023

“Even if spending cuts don’t go beyond the House, the Republicans will at least be linking themselves to something more than the lurid distortions of Trumpism that spook centrist voters.” ~ David B. Frisk


An Omni-Wreck Waiting to Happen

– January 15, 2023

“It’s time for us to acknowledge the society they are creating and to hold them accountable. If our current legislators won’t apply the brakes on this train, we need to do so in the next election.” ~ Caroline Breashears


The Supreme Court’s Complicity in Our Loss of Freedom

– January 14, 2023

“Too many of the former and present members of the Court think of themselves as the nation’s conscience, but they have a great number of sins, both of commission and omission, to atone for” ~ George Leef