Topic: History

Economic Growth Makes Graceland Less Impressive

– May 21, 2023

“The real ‘capitalist achievement,’ however, isn’t Graceland. It’s the fact that compared to the stuff of the average person’s day-to-day life in 2023, Graceland just isn’t that impressive.” ~ Art Carden


Legal Mafias and Moral Asymmetries

– May 12, 2023

“Legal doesn’t mean right. It doesn’t mean just. It doesn’t mean moral. The powerful get away with misdeeds because, for too long, we have conflated the domains. And this conflation goes all the way down.” ~ Max Borders


Ideas and Consequences: Seeing Visions Everywhere

– May 5, 2023

“My vision is that we learn how to dress up a grumpy realism in snazzier clothing, and capture the noble aspirations of the unconstrained visionaries among us.” ~ Bruce Rottman


Eliminating Property Rights Destroys Social Order

– April 25, 2023

“The parallels are never exact, but we can learn from history. When a foundation of a free society, such as property rights, is abandoned, the destruction of social order and hardship for countless millions follows.” ~ Barry Brownstein


Why Did The Redcoats Wear Red Coats?

– April 19, 2023

“Students are often amazed and delighted by what the economic way of thinking can help us understand, and it is why instructors must look for every opportunity to instill the wonder of economics in their students.” ~ Anthony Gill


Patrick Henry’s Stamp Act Resolutions

– April 18, 2023

“After Henry left town, the House of Burgesses expunged the fifth Resolve on the 31st. It only remains with us because it was found in an envelope alongside Henry’s will.” ~ James R. Harrigan


1619, Anyone?

– April 10, 2023

“Phil will next take up the 1619 Project at the Soho Forum on April 20, addressing the resolution: The New York Times book The 1619 Project, and the Hulu video series based on it, are important contributions to our understanding of slavery and the role of African Americans in American history.” ~ James R. Harrigan


Who Owns Alexander Hamilton?

– March 22, 2023

“Perhaps the most important thing to understand about Alexander Hamilton today, however, is that he did not, repeat, did not, espouse massive government, militarism, or protective tariffs.” ~ Robert E. Wright