Topic: History

The American Heritage of Freedom in the Liberal Arts

– December 16, 2022

“The study of human nature through the liberal arts will help us in this return. As the student studies man’s capabilities, he learns to preserve liberty rather than trampling on others’ or relinquishing his own.” ~ Paul D. Moreno


These Are the Good Old Days

– December 13, 2022

“We shouldn’t ground our political views on the shifting sands of flawed, emotional recollections. And we shouldn’t empower politicians who have so little respect for us that they think we will fall for these stories.” ~ Solomon D. Stevens


Six Ways Socialism is Anti-Social

– December 10, 2022

“Even if a socialist’s own life is a mess, he still knows how to run everybody else’s. Even if he doesn’t believe there’s a God, he thinks the State can be one.” ~ Lawrence W. Reed


A Birthday No One Celebrates

– December 6, 2022

“The birth 100 years ago of the USSR is reason to reflect on the indomitable human spirit that cannot be contained by systems of government that do not foster liberty under the rule of law.” ~ Will Sellers


The Malthusian Contradiction

– December 5, 2022

“The truth is that it’s humans who create resources in the first place. When Malthusians point to explosive population growth, they think they are identifying a problem. They are actually identifying the solution.” ~ Antony Davies


The Hare With Amber Eyes, by Edmund de Waal. A Review.

– November 25, 2022

“De Waal decides he needs to know more about his inherited netsukes and ends up on a multi-year ride finding out about his family and their interaction with the objects.” ~ Daniel Asia


A Series of Miracles

– November 24, 2022

“Take a cue from Lincoln and appreciate the blessings that we do enjoy rather than pining for things we don’t. Take a cue from the best America has produced and say a prayer of thanks. Happy Thanksgiving.” ~ James R. Harrigan


The Pilgrims’ Real Thanksgiving Lesson

– November 24, 2022

“The economic incentives provided by private competitive markets where people are left free to make their own choices make bountiful feasts possible.” ~ Benjamin Powell


When Giving Is Smart and When It Isn’t

– November 20, 2022

“If a charity proves to be ineffective or corrupt, its donors vanish; when the welfare department squanders public money and perpetuates social problems across generations, it usually gets more tax revenue.” ~ Lawrence W. Reed


Recalling our Roots- The Fertile Iberian Soil of Liberty

– November 14, 2022

 “For a variety of complicated reasons this early Spanish Enlightenment didn’t flourish as we might have wished. But without it, the English and Scottish Enlightenments may well have never coalesced.” ~ Paul Schwennesen


Education As the Root of Freedom

– November 12, 2022

“If our civilization is to truly flourish, we must push passed the clamor of the culture wars and build our society on the firm foundation of a liberal arts education.” ~ Tyler Syck


John Adams On Liberty—America’s Rationale And Greatness

– November 9, 2022

“At a time when we often not only forget that liberty is both America’s rationale and its greatness, but routinely violate it, Americans would profit from returning to Adams’ wisdom.” ~ Gary M. Galles