Ryan M. Yonk

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Director of Educational Programs

Ryan M. Yonk is the Director of Educational Programs at the American Institute for Economic Research.  He holds a PhD from Georgia State University and a MS and BS from Utah State University. Prior to joining AIER he held academic positions at North Dakota State University, Utah State University, and Southern Utah University, and was one of the founders of the Strata Policy. He is the (co) author or editor of numerous books including Green V. GreenNature Unbound: Bureaucracy vs. the Environment, The Reality of American Energy,  and Politics and Quality of Life: The Role of Well-Being in Political Outcomes. He has also (co) authored numerous articles in academic journals including Public ChoiceThe Independent ReviewApplied Research in Quality of Life, and the Journal of Private Enterprise. His research explores how policy can be better crafted to achieve greater individual autonomy and prosperity.

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Research Publications by Ryan M. Yonk

Title: Battlegrounds and budgets: State-level evidence of budget manipulation in competitive presidential election states

Authors: D Franklin, S Richey, RM Yonk

Publication: State and Local Government Review 45 (2), 108-115, 2013


Authors: RT Simmons, RM Yonk


Title: Green vs. Green: the political, legal, and administrative pitfalls facing green energy production

Authors: RM Yonk, RT Simmons, BC Steed

Publication: Routledge, 2013

Title: Greenhouse Gas Emission Reduction Goals at Public Institutions: The Case of a Land-Grant University

Authors: RM Yonk, RC Martin, KD Harris

Publication: Br. J. Econ. Manag. Trade 3 (4), 533-549, 2013

Title: I Tax You Tax; Quality of Life and Self Taxation

Authors: RM Yonk

Publication: Public Administration Research 2 (2), 174, 2013