Joe Biden’s Gasoline Saga

– June 12, 2022

“The belief that exorbitant prices are good because it means people will change their entire way of life is one of the responses in the Biden administration’s rotation of pat responses to high gas prices, along with such things as blaming Putin and corporate greed.” ~ Jon Sanders


Windfall Profits Tax Redux

– April 11, 2022

“Government intervention like windfall profits taxes keeps market participants, both producers and consumers, from acting to moderate extreme price changes on either the supply or the demand sides. It’s a proven strategy for making a bad situation worse.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Old Oil Ads Were Reasonable on Climate Change

– April 1, 2022

“An impartial reading of them reveals rational commentary on the knowns and unknowns of energy and climate. The ads are hardly controversial.” ~ Robert L. Bradley Jr. & Richard Fulmer


Not Every “Crypto” Is Decentralized: Proof-of-Work vs Proof-of-Stake

– March 23, 2022

“Policymakers seeking to ban Proof-of-Work, or thinking it can be easily replaced by Proof-of-Stake would do well to keep the inherent and important tradeoffs between the two consensus mechanisms in mind.” ~ David Waugh


Thinking Straight about Bitcoin’s Social Costs and Benefits

– March 13, 2022

“To view Bitcoin transactions as problematic, as a cost rather than a benefit, would be to view things like a state advocate rather than like a consumer advocate.” ~ Lawrence H. White


Bitcoin Is Not a Battery

– January 18, 2022

“One should not care about the dollar price of bitcoin or the bitcoin price of bitcoin. What really matters is how many real goods and services one can buy with bitcoin––that is, its real purchasing power.” ~ William J. Luther


Inflation in Oil Prices Will Soon Slow to Zero

– January 11, 2022

“One thing we can confidently project about 2022 is that year-to-year measures of ‘inflation’ in prices of used cars and energy will be near zero by the third quarter, if not below zero. That is nearly a sure thing, baked-in-the cake.” ~ Alan Reynolds


Could Carbon Taxes Lose Us a Cold War with China?

– December 24, 2021

“To draw the developing world from the clutches of China’s Communist Party, policy-makers must incorporate revenue neutrality into their carbon tax considerations, or else abandon the plan entirely.” ~ Connor Tomlinson


Energy Pros Dismiss Liz Warren’s Complaints: ‘It’s Econ 101, Not Rocket Science’

– December 13, 2021

“In Warren’s home state of Massachusetts, policies blocking the expansion of natural gas pipelines have resulted in Russian LNG tankers in Boston Harbor bringing fuel to the Bay State.” ~ Chris Woodward


‘Build Back Better’ Methane Fee Means Higher Costs for Heating Oil, Natural Gas

– November 17, 2021

“Environmental activists call it a ‘methane fee.’ The energy industry calls it a ‘natural gas tax.’ Either way, energy consumers are likely to feel the effects in their pocketbooks.” ~ Chris Woodward


How the Consumer Will Become a Partner on the Electric Grid

– November 12, 2021

“We, the consumers, will be partners in the electric future, managing our own uses and supporting the grid with our electric cars and trucks. That is Mansoor’s achievable vision.” ~ Llewellyn King


Will We Accept Nuclear Fusion When It Comes?

– September 24, 2021

“By using the most abundant element on earth, hydrogen, Fusion provides a limitless future. The only question is whether our politics allows us to accept this good fortune.” ~ James E. Hanley