Trade Policy Should Not Be Contingent on the Behavior of Foreign Governments

– December 9, 2019

In the making of trade policy, foreign governments should not be held to ethical standards higher than are the standards to which we hold our own government.


The US-Mexico-Canada Trade Deal Is Not as Good as Nafta

– December 9, 2019

If the Republicans truly do care about the health of the economy and about the legacy of the tax cuts, they better stop mouthing the administration’s narrative on trade, and fight to stop the damage.


Suffixing Industrial Policy with “2.0” Doesn’t Make It Credible

– November 18, 2019

When and to the extent that trade and markets are free, Americans benefit from innovation no matter where it occurs.


Proof That Tariffs Flood the Swamp

– November 13, 2019

Recently talking from the Senate floor, Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA) candidly acknowledged what most AIER readers have known for a long time: politicians are influenced by special interest groups, and, in many cases, this influence prevents them fro …


The Case for Globalism, So-Called

– November 12, 2019

Global per capita income has increased from a little less than $4,000 a year in 1966 to almost $17,500, in inflation-adjusted dollars at the present time. That represents a 372 percent increase in the average income of everyone on this planet in only 50 years.


Tariffs Tax Your Freedom

– November 8, 2019

Freedom goes down when tariff revenues go up. It’s high time we revisited the Declaration of Independence and renewed our commitment to freedom.


Trump’s Tariffs Did Nothing to Boost the Steel Industry

– November 6, 2019

At best, the trade war promised to help those people at the expense of everyone else. In reality, we’re all so connected that such a destructive policy is bound to harm everyone.


Poll: Americans Love Foreign Trade

– October 28, 2019

There is no amount of red tape or nationalist fervor that will, for any appreciable length of time, make Americans eager to forfeit the bounty they and their families realize arising of increasingly and wonderfully borderless commerce.


Five Wrong Claims about Trade

– October 22, 2019

Debating trade issues with President Trump’s anti-trade supporters is a constant game of goal shifting. If you point out that the Trump tariffs are raising revenue for Uncle Sam on the backs of American consumers, they reply that Ch …


The Case for Free Trade is a Unilateral One

– October 15, 2019

The coherent and correct case for free trade is a case for unilateral free trade, one that applies to each country individually.


Trump Wins the Trade War. Everyone Else Loses

– October 12, 2019

You have to look hard to find good news in this poor excuse for a U.S./China trade deal, but there is this: there is no longer much dispute about the harm the trade war has caused everyone – everyone but the man who will claim to have won it.


Protectionism Sows the Seeds of Its Own Destruction

– October 7, 2019

While Marx predicted inevitable doom for a system built on the decisions of billions of individuals, we know today that trying to control and plan those decisions is where leaders truly make an economic deal with the devil.