Unlike Oren Cass, F.A. Hayek Knew the Economics of Trade

– February 20, 2020

Quoting F.A. Hayek’s 1960 claim that free markets will bring about a “balance … between exports and imports,” Oren Cass argues that the string of annual U.S. trade deficits over the past 44 years proves that Hayek was wrong – that history has “broken” …


The Attempt to Suffocate Huawei Is Foolish and Destined to Fail

– February 18, 2020

Readers of this column are familiar with this historical truth, but it’s worth repeating in light of the ongoing conservative crack-up over Chinese communications giant Huawei. For clarity on the matter, it should be stated right away that if you’re se …


Free Trade Straw Men

– February 10, 2020

Few groups of policy pundits boast as many straw men slayers as does that of protectionists. Indeed, protectionists likely hold several world records for the number and variety of straw men whom they mow down and the frequency with which they perform this mowing.


Can the Coronavirus End the Trade War?

– February 8, 2020

China’s decision to lower the tariffs it earlier imposed on U.S. goods, largely in response to Trump administration tariffs aimed at China, will help refill shelves for Chinese consumers and assist producers as they struggle to regain footing.


The Huge Difference Between Boris Johnson and Donald Trump

– February 7, 2020

I have always thought that the comparison of United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson to US president Donald Trump was unfair to Johnson. And while admittedly I am no Boris Johnson expert, I do have his speech from February 3th to prove the injustic …


The US Attack on China Does Not Deserve Public Support

– February 6, 2020

Whenever a state wages war against another state, it generally exaggerates the harm that the other state has perpetrated against it.


Boris Johnson’s Beautiful Celebration of Free Trade

– February 5, 2020

In his February 3, 2020, speech at Greenwich, Johnson cited Adam Smith, David Ricardo, and Richard Coben, while paraphrasing Frederic Bastiat, casting shade on Trumpian tariff policy, blasting “bizarre autarkic rhetoric,” and pledging the UK to lead the world in free trade.


The Bad Economics of Non-economists

– January 27, 2020

It is inexcusable for people such as McCarthy to present themselves to the public as if they know the economics that they criticize with such cocksureness.


The Surreal Logic of Trump’s Trade Deal

– January 17, 2020

President Donald Trump’s tariffs-first trade policy against China has unequivocally harmed the majority of people and businesses in both countries since its inception just under two years ago.  There’s the estimated $46 billion in new taxes direct …


Forget Exemptions: Grant Everyone Freedom from Tariffs

– January 10, 2020

Instead of granting firms exemptions from the tariffs on a case-by-case basis, let’s grant everyone an exemption and get rid of the tariffs altogether.


Conservatives Need To Lay Off the Protectionist Nonsense

– January 8, 2020

Robinson wraps himself in Reagan’s greatness, while basically calling for the state to do something very un-Reagan like in the form of dictating to Wall Street and U.S. companies how they should operate, and how they should extricate themselves from a rapidly liberalizing nation.


Tariff Protection and Big Steel’s Struggle

– December 25, 2019

U.S. Steel’s recently announced plant closings and major employment cutbacks highlight how trade wars can end up hurting the very industries and firms they are supposed to help. They also highlight how the rest of society can struggle with the resultin …