Topic: Free Markets

United’s Bid for Supersonic Supremacy Vivifies Burden of Government

– June 16, 2021

“It’s something to keep in mind in consideration of the massive size of the federal government. Trillions in annual spending by politicians logically limits the amount of capital available for businesses trying to improve the present, or in Aerion’s case, striving to create a much better future.” ~ John Tamny


This Claim of Market Failure Deserves No Credit

– June 15, 2021

“If you who claim to identify a market failure could, but don’t, voluntarily put your own money where your mouth is in an attempt to address that alleged failure, why should anyone listen to your pleas for government to coercively put other people’s money where your mouth is?” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Saving America From the Counterrevolution

– June 14, 2021

“Defenders of the great revolution of enlightenment values and modernity have our work cut out for us. Harwood’s book is just as relevant today as it was in 1951 and at less than 100 pages, it is a manifesto for those who are up to the task of standing watch over the well-being of our society.” ~ Ethan Yang


The American Public Favors Competitive Energy Markets – So Does the Environment

– June 12, 2021

“With public opinion lining up with the practical advantages of competitive energy markets, deregulating energy markets and promoting competition among energy sources and producers is a no-brainer – both for consumers and the planet.” ~ Christopher Barnard


The 1980s Called, And It Wants Its Industrial Paranoia Back

– June 11, 2021

“Sad about it all is that formerly free market conservatives have joined the echo chamber this time around, and turned the volume way up. A $250 billion industrial policy bill reminiscent of ‘80s paranoia is the result. Good work, conservatives.” ~ John Tamny


With Capitalism, Cooperation Is Just as Important as Competition

– June 10, 2021

“Unlike the common condemnation of markets as the antithesis of cooperation, Leonard Read recognized, with Ludwig von Mises, that competitive markets comprise ‘a system of mutual cooperation,’ where ‘the function of competition is to assign to every member of the social system that position in which he can best serve the whole of society and all of its members.'” ~ Gary M. Galles


If I Could Paint

– June 7, 2021

“How I wish that I could make more visible – literally visible – to the eye the economy’s teeming, streaming, pulsing, gargantuan – yet almost completely invisible and silent – interconnectedness and complexity. The person who paints such a picture would provide a great service to humankind.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


FDR Versus Liberalism: Quotations From David Green, 1987

– June 7, 2021

“In my view, one does well to climb out of Roosevelt’s trenches and rejoin the great arc of Western civilization. The more people who uphold the liberal semantic christened by Adam Smith, the better.” ~ Daniel B. Klein


Inequality Can Be Hurtful…in Unfree Societies

– June 5, 2021

“Economically free nations tend, by virtue of their protection of property rights, to produce more rewards to effort which increases the likelihood of upward mobility. There is one simple implication from this: if you are concerned about the societal effects of inequality, you really are concerned by the low quality of institutions.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Capitalism Can’t Fix An Artificial Labor Shortage

– June 3, 2021

“Governments only have spending power and faux swagger insofar as they arrogate to themselves a rising percentage of the production created by capitalistic endeavor. In other words, capitalism is the source of congressional largesse. In 2020, Congress chose to use the wealth extracted from capitalists in order to make hiring quite a bit more expensive for capitalists.” ~ John Tamny


Thank Goodness for Economic Ignorance!

– May 31, 2021

“The world would in fact be a much better place if economic fallacies were less prevalent and less widespread. Not the least of these fallacies is the one that holds that economies fail to the extent that they don’t protect existing jobs.” ~ Donald J. Boudreaux


Contra Emotional Alarmism, ‘Global Warming’ Doesn’t Threaten Las Vegas

– May 30, 2021

“It’s seemingly lost on the Times columnist that smart as he may be, his knowledge is nano of trillions of nanos relative to the marketplace. In other words, what has Egan in the fetal position is, if an actual threat, already priced. Investors and people have moved on, and are moving their wealth and talents to what Egan claims is doomed. The joke is on Egan, and his ‘theories.'” ~ John Tamny