Topic: Technology

Sensemaking in the Era of Authoritarian Media

– October 4, 2021

“Authoritarians are counting on our ignorance, which they will use to justify a new kind of truth. Software developers of the world: Please build us a truth tracking system. You might just upgrade humanity’s sensemaking for good.” ~ Max Borders


Understanding Underthrow: A Pragmatic Case for Decentralism and Satyagraha

– September 23, 2021

“It’s time to unleash a thousand experiments in underthrow. Even if only a few of those experiments take hold, these niches represent the promise that you find a system that more closely resembles your ideals.” ~ Max Borders


Richard Branson’s Genius and Putting the Rich First

– July 21, 2021

“The only question about the tomorrow in this story is whether or not there will be money to make space travel affordable. This question will be answered more clearly, and to all of our betterment, if the rich are rightly moved to the front of the line to the certain detriment of grasping politicians.” ~ John Tamny


Can the Biden Administration Censor the Internet Through Private Companies?

– July 20, 2021

“Statements from the White House suggesting that social media companies should do more to police ‘misinformation’ are concerning. Our government has lost any credibility to not only be trusted with the responsible use of power but also to be a reliable moderator of public health discourse or any conversation for that matter.” ~ Ethan Yang


The Great Semiconductor Shortage

– July 11, 2021

“An appreciation of modern commerce requires recognizing the ease with which the critical but commonplace can be sabotaged by seemingly innocuous measures. The backbone of all modern technology is currently scarce owing to a medley of state interventions, geopolitical wrangling, and income redistribution colliding with natural forces and short-sightedness.” ~ Peter C. Earle


Market Competition Is the Best Solution for Big Tech Power

– July 6, 2021

“We have no right to post our opinions on another’s private property. The only real monopoly is the government itself or a business given a special privilege by the government. Government is the only entity that can legally use force and it is Big Government that is the real threat to liberty.” ~


To CBDC or Not to CBDC?

– July 5, 2021

“The risks of building a US or Canadian CBDC are all worth taking on if the problems that they solve are significant. Unfortunately, some of the problems that CBDC advocates want to target, like the threat of China, aren’t really problems. Others, like the stimulus payments problem, can’t be solved by a CBDC.” ~ J.P. Koning


Amazon’s Reward For Lifting Its Vendors In Unimaginable Ways? Demonization

– July 2, 2021

“Once the butt of jokes of the ‘’ variety, the formerly fledgling business presently meets the needs of billions of customers in ways they never imagined. Put another way, we couldn’t live without Amazon today. Seemingly neither can reporters seeking – and getting – A1 newspaper real estate through reports that are long on innuendo, while short on reason.” ~ John Tamny


Understanding Big Tech Dominance Requires Economics, Not Conspiracy Theories

– May 17, 2021

“Intellectual property laws, not childish conspiracy theories, explain the persistent dominance of Big Tech and social media.” ~ Peter C. Earle


From AI to UBI?

– May 4, 2021

“AI cannot credibly justify a radical policy like UBI at this point. Misunderstanding AI adds to a natural fear of the unknown though we know that technological change always proves beneficial to the economy and that society will have ample resources to aid anyone who might be displaced by AI in the future. People should concentrate on how AI can automate mundane tasks and stop technological fear mongering. Your job, like the world, will still be here tomorrow.” ~ Robert E. Wright & Aleksandra Przegalinska


The Blockchain and the Future of Everything

– April 30, 2021

“The current apparatus of centralized data processing and storage is not only incapable of adequately handling the prerequisite needs of this digital society, but it might also turn it into a dystopia. What we need is a highly decentralized and efficient infrastructure that is impervious to manipulation. Blockchain technology seems to be the essential component to make the digitized society of the future a foundation for empowerment and growth rather than an Orwellian nightmare.” ~ Ethan Yang


Why Do Cryptocurrencies Use So Much Energy?

– April 30, 2021

“Critics are upset about the energy consumption of cryptocurrencies. But it’s not the energy needs of these products that is the problem. Let niche communities enjoy their strange energy-intensive activities. Rather, what is disturbing is that most consumers of cryptocurrencies don’t perceive the true cost of the services they are using. And so these very, very expensive products have, by accident, gone mainstream.” ~ J.P. Koning