Topic: Classical Liberalism

The American Tradition of Ordered Liberty

– October 16, 2020

“Regardless of what we think of these traditions and practices, we cannot comprehend the history and development of American institutions without reference to them. To understand money, we must understand the entire institutional chain: from money to banking and finance, to law and politics, to the ultimate sources of social authority. The story of money in America is itself a chapter in the story of ordered liberty in America.” ~ Alexander W. Salter


A Much Needed Reminder About Life in the Soviet Union: The Strange World of Ivan Ivanov

– October 14, 2020

“The book reminds us why such principles are so important and highlight the drastic extremes humans are capable of. The extent of which we are capable of creating a society characterized by freedom and prosperity or arbitrary domination and despair. In times like these, with freedom under siege from every angle, a book like this is badly needed. If not to remind us of where authoritarianism will take us, to show us how precious our liberty is.” ~ Ethan Yang


What Would Lincoln Do?

– October 9, 2020

“Salmon P. Chase, the greatest civil rights lawyer of that day, in particular, campaigned for Lincoln’s re-election. Then, on the day the Senate reconvened, Lincoln sent over a one-sentence message nominating Chase, who was then confirmed without debate, on a voice vote.” ~ Clifford F. Thies


Edward Snowden Deserves a Pardon

– September 20, 2020

“If President Trump has an ounce of decency, he should promptly pardon Edward Snowden, who at a very young age, with a promising career and his whole life ahead of him, put everything on the line to protect us from the very people who are supposed to be protecting us. Let’s hope that Trump does the right thing.” ~ David S. D’Amato


Are Lockdowns an Election-Year Ransom Note?

– September 15, 2020

“Yet again raises a question about the why behind the continued limits placed on people, schools and businesses. They’ve never made sense in consideration of how thankfully rare death (or even serious illness) has been as a consequence of the virus, especially in recent weeks.” ~ John Tamny


What’s Gone Wrong with Left-Liberalism and Lockdowns?

– September 3, 2020

“It is my hope to convince the liberal/left that our principles, which ostensibly entail concern for minorities and the poor, working and middle classes, and which recognize the importance of human liberty and dignity, should lead us to abhor lockdowns. At the very least, the fact that discussion on the subject is considered off-limits should prompt some self-reflection.” ~ Jenin Younes


Quartering and its Importance to the American Revolution

– August 29, 2020

“Quartering imposed a serious burden on local populations, especially laborers and poorer households. Its incidence is harder to measure than that of stamp, sugar and tea taxes. However, it is probably one of the most underappreciated major causal factors of the American Revolution.” ~ Vincent Geloso


Faceless Nation

– August 29, 2020

“With one of the two major presidential tickets joined in demanding a mandatory mask rule through Election Day and beyond, this election has become a test of the face of a nation.” ~ George Gilder


Happy Birthday to Libertarian Firebrand Walter Block

– August 21, 2020

“His positions can be very, very off-putting. He strips pretty much everything down to a simple question: ‘Is it voluntary?’ If the answer is ‘yes,’ then he argues that we have no right to interfere no matter how much we might disapprove.” ~ Art Carden


Stop Tearing Down Statues. Use Them to Tell the Story of American Liberty.

– August 19, 2020

“It is time that we confront our paradoxical history of personalities, beliefs, and institutions, telling a story of continued struggle to manifest a civic inheritance of individual liberty and human dignity. A struggle marked with failure, but which we hope will continue to bear fruit for the good of humankind.” ~ James L. Caton

kamala harris

Reform the Supreme Court? Read the Federalist Papers

– August 14, 2020

“Senator Harris and her Progressive allies would do best for the country to attempt to restore respect and understanding of the Supreme Court, not undermine it by turning it into another political game. What’s at stake is a carefully crafted legal system that stands between a free society and tyranny from the few as well as the majority.” ~ Ethan Yang


Don’t Live Your Life In a Bubble

– August 12, 2020

“If you want a future, your generation needs to start getting the best minds behind leading. Your future and the future generations of humans now depend on it.” ~ Roger W. Koops