Topic: Inflation

The Renewed Politicization of the Federal Reserve

– May 5, 2022

“Central bank independence can only be maintained by focusing on the narrow goals assigned by Congress. By straying from its mandate, Fed officials have chosen to base their decisions on politics rather than on sound economics.” ~ Thomas L. Hogan


Lisa Cook is Unqualified for the Federal Reserve Board

– May 4, 2022

“It’s time to end mandate drift once and for all. We need qualified nominees who understand the proper role of monetary policy. Unfortunately, Dr. Cook falls short on both counts.” ~ Alexander William Salter


The Fed is Responsible for Great Inflations

– May 3, 2022

“It’s time the Fed accepts responsibility and moves decisively to curb inflation before the problem gets even worse. Volcker’s Fed whipped inflation, and Powell’s Fed can, too.” ~ Nicholas Curott & Tyler A. Watts


Prices Continue to Rise, Exceeding Fed Projections

– April 29, 2022

“The Fed seems resolved to see inflation climb further. I expect FOMC members will revise up their projections of inflation again in June. They should revise their course of action, to bring inflation down as planned, instead.” ~ William J. Luther


Lessons From America’s First Great Inflations

– April 26, 2022

“Today, the Federal Reserve and federal government serve as America’s Rhode Island, the money pump that keeps the money supply rising faster than money demand.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Supply Disturbances Do Not Explain High Inflation

– April 25, 2022

“Unfortunately for the administration, their politically-convenient supply-side stories explain far too little. Today’s inflation is primarily the result of excessive nominal spending, which the Fed could have and should have offset.” ~ William J. Luther


Yes, the High Inflation Rates Will Continue in 2022

– April 24, 2022

“A shift to a more restrictive monetary policy to control inflation is likely to result in a recession. One can only hope that the Fed is able to handle this transition better than it has handled the monetary policy of the recent past.” ~ James D. Gwartney & David Macpherson


Understanding the CPI

– April 15, 2022

“Regardless of substitution, businesses have to use some commodities for production. With PPI inflation for all commodities at 24 percent, though that does not necessarily forecast a future CPI increase that high, it strongly suggests CPI inflation will continue to rise.” ~ Robert F. Mulligan


Inflation and the Meaning of Anything

– April 13, 2022

“With the real actors and mechanisms of inflation hidden from public view by language, those who truly fuel it are free to carry on the same policies in relative obscurity and little-noted infamy.” ~ Laura Williams


Liberty Gardens

– April 12, 2022

“Maybe America has hit rock bottom and the current travails will induce a return to limited government. Until then, though, I suggest that you remove the rocks from your own garden, and plant yourself some Liberty this spring, summer, and fall.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Wild Meat Markets

– April 6, 2022

“Sensible deregulation worked for the airlines and their customers, is working for sex workers, and can work for America’s meat lovers too.” ~ Robert E. Wright


Has the Fed Abandoned Its Average Inflation Target?

– April 1, 2022

“Despite affirmations to the contrary, the Fed appears to have abandoned its average inflation target. Excessive nominal spending has pushed prices well above the level consistent with the Fed’s average inflation target.” ~ William J. Luther