Progress and Property Rights: From the Greeks to Magna Carta to the Constitution

– November 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX No. 11 | November, 2009 The purpose of Todd’s book is to inform the public of the traditions that underlay the development of modern American property rights. At a time when the issue generates as much heat as light, such a …


Used and New Cars by the Numbers

– October 1, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, no. 10 | October, 2009Our latest book, Car Bargains, takes the guesswork out of buying a car by providing AIER’s proprietary research plus information on a host of reliable consumer services. The excerpt below outlines some …


College Destinations Index: 2009-10 Edition

– September 1, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, no. 8 | August, 2009by the Editorial StaffChoosing the right college isn’t just about professors and classes. Conversations in coffee houses, performances in concert halls, and opportunities for corporate internships also co …


How to Own Gold

– September 1, 2009

Gold has no official monetary role but central banks and individuals hold it for good reason. It serves as a store of value, a means of investment diversification, and as protection from economic or political crises.


Start Here: Getting Your Financial Life on Track

– July 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX No. 7 | July, 2009 Start Here is a guide to getting what you want and is filled with easy-to-use tools and tactics to organize your financial affairs. by R. D. Norton Click the Archive PDF link below to download your copy no …


Climate Science, Economics, and Policy

– June 1, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, no. 6 | June, 2009Majority opinion and official policies on climate change are over-presumptive, and the expert advisory process that governments have put their trust in is David Henderson


The Value of Economic Advice

– April 27, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, no. 4 | April, 2009When economists leave the academy for Washington, they often change their John H. Wood, AIER Visiting Research Fellow


The AIER Chart Book (2009)

– March 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX No. 3 | March 2009  A picture is worth a thousand words, and our charts reveal important aspects of the changing economy in an accessible visual format. by the AIER Staff


How to Use Credit Wisely

– February 1, 2009

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX No. 2 | February 2009A borrower’s guide to financial health covering the basics of surviving the world of credit.By Polina Vlasenko, AIER Research Fellow


The AIER Cost-of-Living Guide 2009

– January 1, 2009

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLIX | January 2009 By AIER Research Staff


Bird Flu Economics

– December 1, 2008

Economic BulletinVol. XLVIII No. 12 | December, 2008Studies by economists around the world indicate that a severe and widespread bird flu outbreak striking the U.S. could involve seriousillness. It could affect up to 40 percent of the population and ca …


The Lasting Legacies of World War I

– November 1, 2008

Economic Bulletin Vol. XLVIII No. 11 : November, 2008 This November marks the 90th anniversary of the end of World War I. The war ushered in a period of big government and paper money inflations. The most devastating examples were the hyperinflations i …