Inflation Was Low in 2017, But Concerns Remain

– April 24, 2018

The more government inflates the money supply, the more that prices will eventually go up.


Gold and Liberty

– March 31, 2017

Economic Education Bulletin Vol. XXXV, no. 4 | April, 1995 by Richard Salsman


Higher Wages and Low Inflation Keep Cost of Living from Rising

– January 30, 2017

Americans’ cost of living fell relative to their earnings on average in 2016. Even though inflation ticked slightly upward, average wages grew faster. The Consumer Price Index, which measures price changes in goods and services, rose 1.7 percent. That was still low in historical terms but the second highest annual increase in the past five years. But the 2.9 percent increase in average wages was the largest wage gain over that five-year period. 


Average American’s Cost of Living Falls

– February 1, 2016

With energy prices and a strong dollar keeping inflation low, the average American’s cost of living did not rise in 2015 and in fact fell relative to wages. As this research brief shows, however, some Americans are spending large amounts on services such as education and health care and have seen their cost of living continue to rise. 


A World of Persistent Inflation

– December 1, 2012

Economic Bulletin Vol. LII, no. 12 |December, 2012 Using monetary policy to boost growth and employment worked. Then people caught on. by Steven R. Cunningham, PhD, Director of Research and Education, and Polina Vlasenko, PhD, Research Fellow


Will the U.S. Go the Way of Europe?

– November 1, 2012

Economic BulletinNovember 2012A lack of political and fiscal integration makes Europe’s problems harder to solve than those of the U.S. Larger entitlements on the continent further complicate the Dominick Salvatore, PhD 


The Virus that Engulfed Us All

– August 1, 2012

Economic BulletinThe Virus that Engulfed Us AllAll actors share the fault for the subprime lending Kathleen C. Engel, JD


Social Security: The Long View

– July 9, 2012

Economic Bulletin Since 1935, AIER has spotted flaws in the program. A quick look at 77 years of commentary. by AIER Staff


The Perfect Stock Portfolio

– June 5, 2012

Economic BulletinThe AIER-Beta Portfolio beats the market by minimizing risk and maximizing Julie Ni Zhu, Research Analyst, and Steven Cunningham, PhD, Director of Research and Education


AIER 2011 Annual Report

– May 1, 2012

Economic BulletinAIER is on the move. It is growing and vital, and we are hard at work building the organization of the 21st century. 


Momentum Amplifies Swings in Housing

– April 1, 2012

Economic BulletinBroad swings in the housing market are intrinsic, and cast doubts on the market as the engine of economic Shelly X. Liang, PhD, Research FellowAdditional content:Joblessness, House Prices Closely Linked by Shelly X. Liang, …


The Student Issue

– December 1, 2011

Economic BulletinVol. LI, no. 12 | December, 2011Each summer a group of student fellows apply AIER’s brand of unbiased, independent research to contemporary economic Sarah Todd, Editor