Money and Marriage: How to Choose a Financially Compatible Spouse

– December 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. L, No. 12 | December, 2010Financial compatibility is critical for a successful marriage. Yet money is a taboo subject of discussion for many people in our Michael Sion


The World’s Most Profitable Company

– November 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L, no. 11 | November, 2010 The Fed’s profits from interest on its holdings soared after 2007. But so did the risks from its purchases of toxic assets. Its accounting methods understate these risks.  


Follow the Money

– October 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. L, No. 10 | October, 2010A citizen’s primer on how to work with local officials on the heart and soul of government: the budget.By Lynndee Kemmet 


College Destinations Index: 2010-11 Edition

– September 1, 2010

College Destinations Index: 2010-11 EditionVol. L, no. 9 | September, 2010The index subdivides more than 360 metropolitan statistical areas into four tiers based on population size. We then rank the top scoring destinations in each tier according to 12 …


Driving Bargains: Best Used Vehicle Values

– August 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. XLIX, No. 8 | August, 2010Our latest book takes the guesswork out of buying a car by providing AIER’s proprietary research plus information on a host of reliable consumer AIER Research Staff


The AIER Chart Book (2010)

– July 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L No. 7 | July, 2010 A picture is worth a thousand words, and our charts reveal important aspects of the changing economy in an accessible visual format. by the AIER Staff


How to Invest Wisely

– June 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L No. 6 | June, 2010 How to Invest Wisely tells you how to make investment decisions according to consistent criteria— rather than by following the latest financial fad. By Lawrence S. Pratt


The Great Recession in Perspective

– May 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVo l . L , no. 5 | May, 2010By some measures previous recessions match this one in severity. But the recent downturn stands apart in its length, its impact on jobs and wealth, and in the government response it triggered. by Polina …


How to Avoid Internet Fraud

– March 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. L, no. 3 | March, 2010Scammers use the Internet to generate nearly two-thirds of reported frauds. But a little knowledge can go a long way to protect yourself from becoming a victim.By Kenneth D’Amica, Research Associate


Stand Still, Little Lambs, To Be Shorn!

– February 1, 2010

Economic BulletinVol. L, no. 2 | February, 2010We estimate that the long-term decline in the purchasing power of the dollar has cost savers more than $19 trillion of their real wealth.By AIER Research Staff


The AIER Cost-of-Living Guide (2010)

– January 1, 2010

Economic Bulletin Vol. L, no. 1 | January, 2010 Our Cost-of-Living Guide 2010, as seen in the Wall Street Journal, breaks down changes in the Consumer Price Index (CPI) by select items, including college tuition, grocery items, and energy costs. Our gu …


The Gold Market: A Primer

– December 1, 2009

Gold is no ordinary commodity. The market for it is driven by its unique history as money and a store of value.