William J. Luther

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Director, Sound Money Project

William J. Luther is the Director of AIER’s Sound Money Project and an Associate Professor of Economics at Florida Atlantic University. His research focuses primarily on questions of currency acceptance. He has published articles in leading scholarly journals, including Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, Economic Inquiry, Journal of Institutional Economics, Public Choice, and Quarterly Review of Economics and Finance. His popular writings have appeared in The Economist, Forbes, and U.S. News & World Report. His work has been featured by major media outlets, including NPR, Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, TIME Magazine, National Review, Fox Nation, and VICE News. Luther earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in Economics at George Mason University and his B.A. in Economics at Capital University. He was an AIER Summer Fellowship Program participant in 2010 and 2011.

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Research Publications by William J. Luther

Title: The great recession and its aftermath from a monetary equilibrium theory perspective

Authors: SG Horwitz, WJ Luther

Publication: The Global Financial Crisis, 2011

Title: BRACE for a new Interventionist Economics

Authors: R Koppl, WJ Luther

Publication: Working Paper, 2010

Title: Movie production incentives: Blockbuster support for lackluster policy

Authors: WJ Luther

Publication: Tax Foundation Special Report, 2010

Title: The ordinary economics of an extraordinary crisis

Authors: PJ Boettke, WJ Luther

Publication: Macroeconomic Theory and Its Failings, 2010

Title: The Economics Underlying the Ethics of Fiscal Stimuli

Authors: WJ Luther

Publication: Journal of Lutheran Ethics 9 (3), 2009